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Forms VS Request Type

Graham Chilcoat November 28, 2023

Utilizing forms presents several notable features, including formatting, logic implementation, and the ability to integrate forms into existing issues. However, determining the appropriate scenarios for form utilization can be intricate, leading to confusion about whether users should exclusively rely on forms for issue requests or opt for building fields within the request type.

Beyond the mentioned features, the question arises: what additional benefits do forms offer? An important consideration is that while forms allow for the collection of data, leveraging the answers becomes a challenge unless directly linked to a field. This introduces a duplicative effort, requiring the creation of a field in the request type for information already captured in the form. Consequently, the issue displays both the field and its duplicate in the form.

This duplication raises a fundamental query: is the investment in forms justified, or are these limitations outweighed by the few features they bring? Understanding whether forms are a compelling choice across diverse use cases becomes crucial. I am curious about your thoughts and experiences regarding the efficacy of forms – how do you navigate and leverage forms within your workflow?



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