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Form Examples: We want to know how you use forms in Jira!

Simon Herd Atlassian Team Oct 24, 2021

Hi Everyone, Simon here, one of the founders of ProForma and now part of the Atlassian team working on Forms in Jira. 

As we work to ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰launching Forms for Jira๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽ‰ we would love to see how you are already using ProForma Forms.

It would be great if you could share some screenshots of the forms you have built, either below or, if you would prefer, email them to  

We are interested in all forms uses particularly your more obscure or complex forms.

Some of the use cases we have seen include:

    • System access request
    • New account setup
    • Security review
    • GDPR/Privacy changes
  • Dev
    • Bug triage checklist
    • Release QA checklist
  •  HR
    • Onboarding checklists
    • Benefits & payroll enquiries
    • Work from home equipment 
  • Sales
    • Refund requests
    • Shipment routing changes
  • Marketing
    • New email campaign
    • Logo use approval
    • Sponsorship
  • Facilities
    • Office/Building issues
    • Office supplies
    • Covid safe checklists

We can't wait to see what you've done with forms.

Thank you so much,



Note: Please take care not to share any personal information that might be contained in response to a form. An excellent place to take screenshots of the form is either

  • The form builder;
  • The form preview shown when you add a form to an issue. 


To kick things off - here is the support form us used for ProForma. A couple of things we did with the form are:

  • Use conditional logic to get the details we need for each environment (Cloud vs Server/DC).
  • Display specific tips for apps where we knew there was a conflict.
  • Encourage people to upgrade specific versions if they contained a number of known issues.
  • Tell people we no longer support IE11 (thank goodness!).

Form Example.png

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We are using it to combine multiple Service project's Request Types into 1 Request Type because they are very similar (and there are other Request Types  the project that are different).   Using conditional sections based on what the user selects through-out the form.   The workflow spans Legal, Privacy, Security and IT teams.

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John Funk Community Leader Oct 27, 2021

Hey Simon!

Thanks for the opportunity to speak into this. We use a common JSM Project with a ProForma form to capture the initial request from users. Then we use Automation to create a new issue in one of 6  separate JSW projects based on the value of the GL Code. That way, users go to a single place and don't have to know which project to search for to create the ticket.


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Hello, any update on when Atlassian will be making a release announcement on Form for Jira?

Simon Herd Atlassian Team Oct 31, 2021

@Rodney Dsouza (PublicName) the official roadmap says it is shipping this quarter. The team is working hard on making this happen.

Simon Herd Atlassian Team Nov 08, 2021

@Rodney Dsouza (PublicName) some more exciting news can be gleamed from the the FAQ on ProForma.

  • Everyone gets the full Forms experience (no Lite restrictions any more)
  • Forms are shipping to JSM, JSW and JWM!
  • Forms are being integrated into all editions of Jira: Free / Standard / Premium / Enterprise
  • No existing feature is being gated to a specific edition.
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Hello, We use Jira issue collector which comes out of the box. Forms are built on confluence pages for now. But with a little bit of javascripts, and HTML one can create good forms with Jira issue collector as a base. These forms will collect data and create tickets in Jira.



Divya TV

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I am not using ProForma at the moment, but this caught my eye on an Atlassian email - my company would LOVE to be able to use conditional formatting on its forms in out of the box Jira, so this is very exciting!

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I use Insight for dictionaries and custom fields in service desk forms. It looks nice and allows filtering. Also I can use same issue type for dozens of different requests, that's nice. The only drawback is that I have to create hundreds of custom fields and Atlassian adds them by default to all field configurations.

If atlassian developers make a GUI that would allow to create a custom field directly from project page, limit this field to only this specific project and will not add it to any other field configuration schemes I would be 100% happy.

I have no idea what proforma is. I could not find forms in my current Jira cloud premium. If you have a link I could check it.

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Pro Forma is a 3rd party plugin that has been around for years and helps with reducing custom fields since the Forms are 'local' to the project.

Atlassian purchased the company that made Pro Forma and and is soon going to make it a standard feature of Jira Cloud (hooray).    Check out Pro Forma or install Pro Forma Lite (free) in the Atlassian Marketplace to learn the capabilities coming to standard Jira Cloud.

Feedback form ?
Teambuilding organisation form ?

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I thought about building a form in JSM for Joiners and Leavers process as ours is still using Google Forms and some automation running on sheets.

Depending on where the Joiner would be based (We have a 24/5 service desk) the HR of that region would get notified and receive an approval request with all the needed info of that joiner, once HR had approved the request, all the other depts would get a notification of this new staff - IT / Facilities / Access management / etc using automation or via email or via its SDs.

What stopped me doing it was the amount of custom fields I'd need to create. I've never used ProForma but I presume it would create custom fields for each new field as you'd need to report on them in some way and they'd need a value on the db, I'm presuming? 

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This is what I have for tech support


This form is used for onboarding


I WISH this amount would suffice. We have about 45 fields just in EMEA (I managed to put this down to 20) but I'd need to migrate the forms from APAC and Americas as well. Obviously it wouldn't be this simple as the other regions deals with a few other things that we don't so... A bit more custom fields than I expected haha

That's why we use Insight with dictionaries for such forms. It is easy to tune up a separate filter for each issue type.

Makes sense. It's a shame that we haven't started using Insights yet - but it's coming soon plus I need to proper learn it in order to play with it! 

I'd like to see how you set this up tho ๐Ÿ‘€

With Pro Forma (and the new capability coming to Jira) you would only need to create custom fields for those fields that you want to do standard Jira actions such as JQL filtering and reporting.

Insight is different from the Pro Forma capability even though they are similar in the sense that they involve fields.   Insight is also currently more only for Cloud Premium vs the new Forms capability is for all versions of Jira Cloud

@Simon Herd  Thank you for the update here. We are working on JIRA forms integrations and have few customers using ProForma in IT space.

I wonder if from JIRA rest api, is there any way we can detect a form is using Proforma or not? 


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