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Troy Edmonds February 18, 2024

Hello All

I'm getting weird errors since the last outage . 

See screenshot 

The value 'Request Submitted' does not exist for the field 'status'.

when I try to find the request submitted nothing is found ? and when I click the upper corner it shows server is down or glitching error


No changes found Since I'm the main admin no changes have been made 

I'm at a loss for what is going on, a few pages here have the same issues but its not related 


I used these instructions to confirm the JQL 

  • project = GSR: This specifies that the issues should be from the project with the key "GSR."

  • status in (Approved, BLOCKED, "Final Review", "In Progress", Open, "Request Submitted"): This filters issues to only include those whose current status is one of the listed values. It's worth noting that Jira allows for custom statuses, so these should be statuses configured within your Jira instance.

  • "Overdue Status[Dropdown]" = Overdue: This part of the query filters issues where the custom field "Overdue Status" (presumably a dropdown field) is set to "Overdue." Ensure that "Overdue Status[Dropdown]" exactly matches the field name in your Jira setup, including case sensitivity and spacing.

  • ORDER BY created DESC: This orders the results by the creation date of the issues, with the most recently created issues appearing first.

If you are encountering any issues or errors with this query, it might be due to a few common reasons:

  1. Project Key: Ensure "GSR" is the correct project key and that it exists in your Jira instance.

  2. Status Names: Verify that the status names used in the query (Approved, BLOCKED, Final Review, In Progress, Open, Request Submitted) exactly match the names in your Jira project's workflow.

  3. Custom Field Name: Double-check that the custom field name "Overdue Status[Dropdown]" is correct. The field name should match exactly, including any spaces or capitalization. Also, the term [Dropdown] is unusual in a field name; ensure it's part of the actual field name and not an annotation or description.

  4. Field Value Case Sensitivity: For the "Overdue Status[Dropdown]" = Overdue part, ensure that the value "Overdue" matches exactly, including case sensitivity, with one of the options for that dropdown in your Jira configuration.

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Matthias Gaiser _K15t_
Community Leader
Community Leader
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February 18, 2024

Hey @Troy Edmonds

I can try to help with your JQL. Do I understand the last paragraph "I used these instructions to confirm the JQL" correct that you've already tried these solution strategies?

The error message seems to be quite clear for me. It seems that Request Submitted is not a valid status in your Jira instance.

You can verify that by clicking on the cog icon in the top right corner, then Issues and then selecting Statuses on the left hand sidebar. Is your status shown in this list? Please also check for spelling or casing errors.


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Troy Edmonds February 18, 2024

MK error .png

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