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Duplicate Users with and without Associated Organizations

Vicki Stanfield June 8, 2022

I inherited a Jira Service Desk setup which appears to have been administered by multiple people over its 5 year life. If I view the customers of a project, there are random users who are not associated with an Organization. I assume that is because we have a public portal that anyone can create a ticket in. The problem I see, though, is that a user might exist as a random user not associated with a project, but the same email is associated with a user within an Organization. My question is how to differentiate these users so I can delete the user account not in the Organization.

Any help or correction of my understanding of the situation is welcome.



Vicki Stanfield June 8, 2022

So I have determined that many of the random users actually do not have accounts (I get the "Looks like we are off the beaten track" message when I try to view their profile). Is there a way to make these users (at least the ones without tickets associated) not show up in the Project Customer view? Also is there a way to make Jira Service Desk not create multiple user (Project Customer) accounts with the same email address. That seems like it should be a thing.

Martin Jobs October 18, 2023

We have a similar issue. 

More Info:

Seems like Atlassian isn't doing much right now about this.


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