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Customer can't access their portal request

Jordan Trinklein May 2, 2023

Hello! We have a Jira Service Management Portal that we are using to allow internal employees to submit requests to our IT team.

We had a report of a user not being able to access their requests via the email that is sent to them, it just takes them straight back to the portal.

Here are our settings for the project:

JSM Customer Access Level:

  • Internal
    • Use approved domains to grant internal customers access to the help center with atlassian accounts
      • This is checked
  • External
    • Allow portal-only accounts to be created for new customers accessing the help center
      • This is checked
    • Only allow account creation for customers with specific email domains
      • This is checked
      • We've added our company email domain

Portal Access

  • Don't allow customers to create their own accounts
    • This is checked


At the Service Project Level:

Customer Permissions:

  • Service Project Access - who can send requests through the portal
    • Anyone allowed on the customer access settings
      • This is checked
  • Customer Sharing - control how existing customers can find other customers
    • Customers can search for other customers within their organizations


I don't believe I should have to do anything specific to the Permissions of the Service Project itself? 

The only thing that I'm not entirely clear on is the Service Project Customer - Portal Access role I see in permissions. Is there something I need to do with that? We also don't have the Project Role: Service Desk customers associated with any notification, permissions, issue security or workflow scheme.

Thank you for any help you can provide!


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Pete Dunham May 2, 2023


Did you log in as the user and confirm this behavior?

Is it one user or multiple users?

There are many reasons that can happen.

I've run into times when the users is not logged in, or logged in with an email alias. They needed to log in - or log out and log in.

Either way, if possible I would log in to confirm this behavior. 

Jordan Trinklein May 5, 2023

@Pete Dunham 


Thanks for the response Pete. If we set this up right, internal employees shouldn't need to log in to submit a request because it's an accessible URL to the portal that anyone with our company domain should be able to access and submit to....

Pete Dunham May 5, 2023

Hi @Jordan Trinklein ,

That sounds correct. 

That's why I'd recommend confirming no access when you log in as that user. If you are able to access when "Logged in as" them , you know something else is going on.



The log out and log in step shakes out scenarios where the user has accidentally logged in with a different account not on the domain you'd expect (maybe one they created with a personal email). 

This is a common case I run into: a user can't access portal or portal links, but looked logged in since they have an avatar in top right. They are in fact logged in just not with the right domain email.

If you log in as the user and you also can't access request then it would confirm permission issues.

Let me know if that helps

Jordan Trinklein May 5, 2023

@Pete Dunham 

Sorry Pete- I don't think I'm articulating this well.

These internal employees shouldn't have Atlassian accounts, because we don't want them to.

This particular user did already have one, and I have a hunch why he wasn't able to view the issue (our IT VP has an automation rule in place that for any created request, it clones it in our DevOps Jira project and then deletes the issue from the JSM portal - so the user, if they aren't apart of the DevOps project, wouldn't have visibility)

But moving forward, if an internal employee with no atlassian login tries to submit a portal request, I have a hunch they'll have similar problems. 

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