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Company Managed VS Team Managed Projects

Graham Chilcoat November 28, 2023

I have encountered a significant dilemma regarding the selection between Team Managed and Company Managed projects, particularly when determining the appropriate circumstances for each. While the ease of initiating a Team Managed project has led me to favor it in the past, there are notable limitations and additional workload that could have been mitigated by opting for Company Managed projects.

My initial approach involved empowering team leads to take control of their projects after an initial setup. However, this strategy proved ineffective as they lacked a comprehensive understanding of automation and workflows. Consequently, inadvertent changes were made without awareness of their broader implications, necessitating subsequent adjustments on my part. To streamline this process and mitigate potential issues, I have revoked project admin permissions for most individuals.

Furthermore, the prevailing demand among project leads for features found in other projects or replicated setups has compelled me to consider additional training. Exploring the intricacies of automation and workflows becomes imperative, though the reality is that many individuals may not invest the necessary time for comprehensive learning.

Presently, I am integrating our HR team into our project framework to enhance HR services. Acknowledging the complexity and uniqueness of their requirements, it appears that a custom field, crafted within Jira admin, aligns more suitably with their specific request types. Notably, Team projects impose limitations, such as a cap of 50 choices and a lack of cascading options. While it is feasible to address this through form building, the drawback is the inability to leverage submitted form data across different projects or automate based on form field inputs. Although workarounds can be devised, they inherently pose a higher risk of user error.

However, I find myself grappling with the dilemma of the ease and quickness of creating a Team project. Despite its efficiency, determining the opportune moment to utilize it effectively remains elusive. Considering these factors, I am contemplating a transition, perhaps converting most, if not all, of my projects from Team to Company Managed. Any insights or experiences on navigating this decision would be greatly appreciated.

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Dave Mathijs
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
November 28, 2023

For me it's a simple choice, I stay away from creating team-managed projects at all. Disabling that permission to all groups is the first thing I do.

Whatever the benefits of team-managed projects may be (autonomy, flexibility, easy-to-setup, no impact since no shared configuration), in the end, you end up with objects you want to share and report on.

If Atlassian is about TEAM, then silos (i.e. team-managed projects) should be broken down, configuration should be shared as much as possible, allowing the use of object schemas for shared configuration, custom fields that can be re-used, cross-project insights and reporting and so on.

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Graham Chilcoat February 23, 2024

Dave you are absolutely right. Still too many things can go wrong without an admin to hold their hand and it really creates a mess within the system. Thanks for the advice. 


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