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Best practice to manage users of Jira Service Management and Jira Software

Ingo Wenke September 6, 2023

Hi all,


this topic ist about best practices, experiences and pitfalls while managing your users and customers of Jira service Management and Jira Software.

While we have had a clear guideline how to manage our users and customers for years, we review this because of the introduction of the "Customer service management (early access)" feature within JSM an couple of weeks ago.

Some definitions upfront

  • User = Account granted a user role in Jira Software
  • Customer = Account granted customer role in Jira Service Management
  • Service Agent = Account granted Service Agent role in Jira Service Management
  • all combinations of the above roles are possible
  • Jira user group = a group of accounts, defined within Administration as a group


Current state

We are an organization with multiple companies and have following access management:

  • Jira user group company[A-Z].employees
    • All employees are member of their specific Jira user group
    • We have granted the group the Customer role for JSM
    • The User group is added to out internal IT Helpdesk via "people"


During an onboarding of a new employee, we add an Atlassian Account with his mail and add this account to the specific Jira user group company[A-Z].employees.

The user receives the invitation from Atlassian to complete his registration and he can use the internal IT Helpdesk.

We do not use the customer invitation from JSM.

Why? we have following lessons learned:

Adding a customer via Service Management invitation, Cretes a "customer only" account. This Account is managed in a different way opposed to all "normal" Jira user accounts. Doing so, we had some struggle, when the user was upgraded to a Jira User. We had one Account in the Service Management Customer Section and one Account in the "real" user administration.

Due to compliance and clean-up management this was a pain. That's why we decided this way.

While we manage users this way, we don't use JSM "organizations". A Jira user group can't be assigned to a JSM organizations. So, we have no organizational view of the ticket situation from the organization view. But this is not an issue, because the it was low value due to separation of unresolved of resolved issues and no quick view.

New State with "Customer service management"

The new feature delivers some great new views to our service agents. As a service agent, it's now possible to see resolved and unresolved issues in a quick overview. And all in one search result.

Same for organization.

And the option to add custom field to customers and organization. We don't use this feature by now, still in the think tank how to use and maybe how to integrate with other systems.

We gave the new organization view a try and added mail-addresses of employees of a specific company to the JSM organization. As a result, we have a quick view of what's going on within the specific company. This is pretty cool. Adding Jira user groups does not work.

The Issue

When we want to use the new organization view of the new Customer service management feature, we have to manage two lists of users (the Jira user group and the organization in JSM). Or re-arrange our current onboarding and account management for Applications and the IT-Helpdesk.


The Question

What is your best-practice approach about User and Customer management and experience with the new "Customer service management" feature?










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