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Automatically send email 48 hours in advance based on Date Time Picker custom field

Anthony Morais August 3, 2022

Hello good day!
I have a custom field of type Date Time Picker that date will be the time of a scheduled maintenance. What I need is that when someone opens the maintenance ticket and selects the date, I need a reminder email sent to a team 48 hours in advance. It is possible?

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Ste Wright
Community Leader
Community Leader
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January 14, 2023

Hi @Anthony Morais 

Just in case you're still looking for a solution, this is possible! You can do this using Automation.

You do need a Trigger for the rule to execute - so unless there's an update on the Issue 48 hours ahead, I'd use the Scheduled Trigger - which could run once per day, or per hour, etc.


For example, the rule might be...

  • Trigger: Scheduled
    • Run rule every = <Timeframe>
    • Run a JQL search... = check to CHECKED/TRUE
      • JQL = <JQL>
  • Action: Send Email
    • To = Users/Groups/Emails
    • Subject/Content = <Populate as required>


A few notes on this rule...

  • You'll need to make decisions on timeframes, and the content of the email - which will drive how you populate the placeholders (in < >).
  • The placeholders are...
    • <Timeframe> - when to run the rule - eg. every day? hour? Etc
    • <JQL> - this will identify which Issues the rule runs against; the timeframe will drive what the JQL might be. I'd recommend limiting the timeframe to that specific day/hour - to avoid duplicate reminders being set. For example...
      • Based on Day = "Date Time Picker" > 1d and "Date Time Picker" < 3d
      • Based on Hour = "Date Time Picker" > 47h and "Date Time Picker" <= 48h
      • ...etc
    • <Subject/Content> - this is the email content. You can use smart values to dynamically reference information from a trigger issue - for example:
      • {{issue.key}} = Reference's the Issue's Key
      • <a href="{{issue.toUrl}}">{{issue.key}}</a> = Provides a hyperlink to the Key
      • {{issue.Date Time Picker.fullDateTime}} = Provides a Date/Time Field's value
      • ...etc
  • Check out this help page for help to format the Date/Time field - including options to display the date, and if you need to display it based on a specific timezone.
  • If the maintenance team is receiving too many individual emails, you could also send a list of Issues using a different rule, which would incorporate the Lookup Issues Action - let us know if this would be of interest!


If you need any further assistance with rules, formatting the JQL, or the Subject/Content - let us know so we can assist!


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