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Valerie Blondel March 11, 2024

Hi there !

I am considering using assets to manage our licences inventory.  I am trying to set up a notification, using automation, to send an e-mail if a licence is about to expire and need renewal.


Here is my current POC:

Scheme = Licences Management

Object type = Licences

Attribute = Expiry date  (the filter "Expiry date" <30d works perfectly fine".


Asset 1.png


In my automation :


Rule details.pngRule.png

Although the AQL is validated, audit logs shows "no object found".

Audit log.png


I am surely missing something, but cannot find what.  Anyone there who might help ?

Last but not least, I read that I cannot use a "look up object" if more than 100 objects ?  This might be an issue to me too.  Any workaround ?

Thanks so much for your help !




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Adrian Kausel April 3, 2024

Hello Valerie!

I checked your configuration and everything's in the right direction, I did some tests on my end replicating your setup and it worked (The email with the soon-expiring license gets fired properly).

The only difference in my query was that I'm not using the parenthesis, but that should not impact the query anyway (my query: objectType = Licenses AND "End of life" > 25d)


After coming back to your report I noticed something that could be the issue here: 

- In your first screenshot you show the query inside the Licenses object type, and as possible to see you are retrieving properly the expiring licences using: "Expiry date" > 30d

- On the other hand in your automation rule you are invoking the Expiry date attribute using the query:  "Expiry Date" > 30d, which is different because you are typing Date with a capital D, this will break your call for the object as the attribute is called "Expiry date" and not "Expiry Date"


Hope this resolves your issue!



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