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Assets automation smart value for linked objects inbound references

Iman Attia May 22, 2024


We are trying to use the smart value:

{{lookupObjects.(reference name).(attribute name)}}


The lookup object returning is correct, printing in the table but no luck on getting the InR name/labels to print.


|| Name || Components ||
|{{Name}}| {{Component.Software Component}} |


In this case:

Objects inbound ref Type: "Component" - This is NOT an attribute name on the object. 

Label / name for InR name "Software Component"


I've tried:

{{lookupObject.Component.label}} OR {{{{lookupObject.Component.Software Component}}}}


Any way of referencing the inbound objects without another lookup?

2 answers

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Daniel Vest May 28, 2024

@Iman Attia 

 I am very new to this idea of pulling info from Assets into tickets and automations. What may help you is to see what I learned & did in my test area just the other day. I was trying to find the asset number of a laptop assigned to a person (who is listed as an Object in the Assets area) and is an Inbound Reference.

  1. Inside of my Asset area I have my Test Person in one Schema
    test person.PNG
  2. And my laptop in another section of another schemalaptop object.PNGI created a custom field that could look at the Objects and filter right to the AQL and be seen/stored
    Custom Field 1.PNGCustom Field 2.PNG
  3. Created an automation rule to find the asset object linked to the user based on the respective fields/objecttypeID
    automation asset lookup and pull.PNG
      1. object having outR(ObjectTypeId = 331 AND "User Jira" = {{reporter.accountID}})
      2. {{lookupObjects}}
      3. {{lookupObjects.Name}}

It is not exactly the same thing, but it may help you achieve what you need to, hopefully

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Iman Attia May 28, 2024

SC inbound ref.png

I'm trying to pull the inbound ref > Component "Vulnerability Manager"

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