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UPDATE: The Early Access ITSM Program is now complete

Update as of November 9, 2020 
The Early Access Program is now complete. The new features listed below and more are now available in Jira Service Management, formerly Jira Service Desk. Click here to learn more about the new features and learn about the announcement.


Meet the new and improved IT service management template for Jira Service Desk! Here are a few of the powerful features ready and waiting for you:

  • Better focus on ITSM - clear ticket categories for incident management, change management, service requests and problems so your team can route and triage quickly and efficiently.

  • Respond faster to incidents - loop your team in and give context on any ongoing major incidents with the ability to link and escalate tickets to resolve incidents faster via a seamless integration with Opsgenie.

  • Deploy with confidence - keep a watchful eye over any deployments made through Bitbucket Pipelines or other third-party CI/CD tools, a change risk assessment engine and a services registry.

Bear in mind that early access means that this template is a work in progress, so we need your help to shape its future. If you decide to opt-in, please take a moment to hit the Give feedback button in the lower-left corner of your project and let us know what you like now and what you’d like to see in the future.

This early access template is currently only available in Classic projects. You can opt-out at any time by returning to the opt-in screen.

It's available right now! To opt-in, all you need is an existing Jira Service Desk Cloud site and Jira admin permission.

Go to <your site name> in your browser.

This address will take you to a special page where you can enable the ITSM template on your site.

Click here to learn more about how to set up your new ITSM project.

For Jira Service Desk Server customers - As we get feedback from Cloud customers on these great new experiences, we’ll be bringing over the best and adapting them for Server and Data Center customers. The first experience you can expect is incident management capability. To hear more about what that entails, register for our Remote Summit (it's free!) and watch the keynote session called, "Atlassian Data Center: Building for change and scale." To learn more about the newest features on Server and Data Center, check out this blog:

Cheers and thanks for participating! 


Another 'Cloud exclusive' feature? Great. Why are you actively alienating your oldest customer base more and more as time goes on?

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@Taylor Huston I hear you - the good news is we are currently building the incident management capabilities from this early access program in our Server and Data Center products. These should be available in the coming months! To hear more about what that entails, I suggest registering for our Remote Summit today (it's free!) and watching the Day 2 keynote session called, "Atlassian Data Center: Building for change and scale." 

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Thank you for supporting the Server based products!

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scott_boisvert Community Leader Apr 02, 2020

@Molly Bronstein Looking for the break out session "Atlassian Data Center: Building for change and scale", I'm not seeing it. Was it removed?

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scott_boisvert Community Leader Apr 02, 2020

Nevermind, found it. Its not a breakout session its part of the Day 2 Keynote.

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@scott_boisvert thanks for that, I'll update above!

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@Molly Bronstein  Is it (or will it be) possible to change an existing Service Desk Project to an ITSM project? We'd like to integrate our Opsgenie into our JSD setup. It's coupled right now with some webhooks/api/api gateway setup, but would like to use the native integration.

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Classic projects only? Will you be improving what's in next-gen projects or are they already better than what's in Classic?

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@Tom De Blende Hi Tom, great question! Unfortunately, we don't currently have a path to change an existing project in Jira Service Desk to the new ITSM project. This is something we want to get to in the future but at the moment we're trying to build the best functionality in this new project. Coming soon hopefully!

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@DJ For now this new ITSM project will exist only in Classic projects. We're evaluating how it may work in next-gen projects but it's only in Classic for now. 

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@Molly Bronstein thanks for your reply! Either converting a classic JSD project to ITSM or a clear migration path would be great. We are a long time Atlassian and Opsgenie customer. Tightly integrating both would be very nice. But as we have a large customer base using our Service Desk, starting from scratch as an ITSM Service Desk would be hard.

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Are there any plans to improve the U.I. and Documentation for existing products?

Is there a specific channel for providing feedback/bugs for ITSM preview project?

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@Jason Sweet you can either hit the Give feedback button in the lower-left corner of your project OR you can email to provide feedback. Thanks so much! 

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I second Tom's comments on a conversion or migration path from existing Jira Service Desk cloud classic projects. I like the features indicated in the new template but need to know how to get from what we have now to the new template.

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Hi @Molly Bronstein This looks great, but as I understand it, our existing JSD project cannot be converted to use this new template workflow. When will it be possible to migrate our existing instance, to use this new template? Thanks

Hi Molly,

Thanks for your very interesting announcement.

* I work for a non-profit / charity (on a pro bono basis like almost all of us do in this organisation)

* One of the initiatives we are looking to take forward is to develop our Jira based service management processes

* Those Jira based service management processes in our organisation are currently very basic

* We have Jira version v4.5.1 server edition with one project configured within Jira called "ITHELPDESK"

* ITHELPDESK is where we currently manage both IT incidents and service requests

* What I am hoping someone may be able to advise on is current best practice recommendations using Jira. Specifically:

1) This text above:

"Better focus on ITSM - clear ticket categories for incident management, change management, service requests and problems so your team can route and triage quickly and efficiently."

What does "ticket categories" mean in the stated context? Does it mean:

a) One category will be provided to mark which service management practice of incident, change, service request or problem management the ticket is relevant to? Or;

b) Within each service management practice of incident, change, service request or problem management, there will be different categories to choose within that practice?

On 1st reading I suspect that this means option a). However assumption is the root cause of many a misunderstanding. Hence I thought it worthwhile asking to make sure.

2) Is it recommended that:

a) incidents, service requests and problems are managed via the same Jira project? Or;

b) Incidents, service requests and problems are each given an individual Jira project

I ask in that the comments in this thread below seem to advocate using separate projects for each of incident and problem management:

3) I see that there is this Jira Problem Management workflow:

It is interesting to note that this workflow:

* Has no reviews at the weblink above

* Is listed on that weblink as "UNSUPPORTED"

* However the 'Support' tab states, "Basic support resources are available for this app."

* There are 2 version both released a week apart in 2016 Q3

* Hence if we start to use Jira as problem management tool:

a) Is that Jira problem management workflow in the weblink a stable product?

b) What level of support if any is available for that Jira problem management workflow?

c) Is that Jira problem management workflow currently a recommended product, given the nature of the original post?

4) I note comments by @Tom De Blende @kyle and @Minesh Dattani enquiring about functionality to migrate existing Jira projects to use the new functionality mentioned in the announcement in the original post. Is there a ballpark timeline on when the migration functionality will be available for Jira Service Desk server edition? I ask in the context that given how embedded the organisation I work for is in the existing Jira technology that we have, it seems unrealistic for us to be able to migrate away from that without some sort of tool.

I hope this all reads in the intended constructive tone. Any help is very much appreciated (from anyone).

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Hi @Molly Bronstein or anyone else who can help.

We're looking at using ITSM features but noticed a surprising behavior: 

I have two separate projects in Jira Service Desk representing two different customers. We want to keep them isolated from each other and that is possible within service desk and with regards to the Alerts created and synchronized within Opsgenie. However, If an Incident is created in Opsgenie it is automatically picked up as a Major Incident in both of the Jira Service desk projects even though only one project is associated with the integration which created the alerts associated with the incident.

Is there any way to control which Jira service desk project will see which Opsgenie Incidents ? That is, can we associate incidents with particular Opsgenie/Service desk project integrations. If not then it appears to break the isolation between different service desk projects and hence between customers, which would be a problem. It would at least mean that we can't use the 'ITSM early access' project template which is a pity because it is a very useful feature to be able to link service desk tickets to the incident and show incidents in the service desk project.

Hi @Tom De Blende @Kyle @Minesh Dattani @Steve G
I am a product manager on JSD here at Atlassian. I would love to discuss what converting an existing service desk to this template might look like. 

Please click the link below to book a time and we can take it from there. I'd love to get your thoughts to make sure we understand your needs here.

Kind regards,


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@Philip Cooke Hi Philip - thank you so much for your question and feedback. I spoke with our product team and at the moment, Opsgenie is tied to the entire instance and cannot be associated with particular projects alone. You raised an interesting point and a great use case so they will definitely be taking this into consideration as we continue to build the product and improve the integration. 

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@Molly Bronstein I would not say @Philip Cooke is a great use case. I'd say it's an obvious use case ;)

Hi @Molly Bronstein , just to check, has there been any updates regarding the migration path for existing JSD projects to the ITSM project? My company is in a similar situation like what @Tom De Blende mentioned here:

Hi @Molly Bronstein , just to check, has there been any updates regarding the migration path for existing JSD projects to the new ITSM templates? My company is in a similar situation as what @Tom De Blende described here:

Hi @Alvin Chan _Ease Solutions_ , very happy to provide an update. I'm the product manager on point for this. I can confirm that we are working on this right now and are working towards a getting a solution out the door in the next few months (we are still designing it so I can't provide an exact date yet). 

I would love to have a chat with you to understand your needs here to make sure the migration path meets your needs. Would you be able to book in some time with me next week? 

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Hi @Molly Bronstein we wanted to relate an incident to a JSD request. Apparently even though we have couple of open service requests, we are not able to find them like showed below:

blabla (2).png

Any possible explanation about this?

Thank you :)


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