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ITSM Report

*full disclosure, I work at Appfire

Are you unsure about how to effectively embrace the future of IT service management (ITSM)? You're not alone. 

Many organizations are understandably cautious about the challenges that come with the evolution of ITSM, including aspects of automation, security, and cloud migration. However, the benefits of these technologies are too significant to ignore.  

  • Automation can streamline routine IT tasks, increasing efficiency and reducing errors. 
  • Security measures are becoming more critical as cyber threats continue to increase.
  • And while cloud migration requires careful planning and execution – the scalability, flexibility, and cost savings it offers can be transformative for organizations.

Now that we have a good idea of what's on the horizon for ITSM, let's dive deeper into the latest data findings from Appfire and Cprime's report, "The future of ITSM: Navigating industry change with confidence." This report provides valuable data and insights, and understanding this data can help us take successful action steps for both today and tomorrow. 

According to the report

  • 76% of organizations are only moderately satisfied with their ITSM processes
  • Less than half of the organizations surveyed have implemented automation
  • 51% of respondents believe that the rise of employees working in unsecured locations has increased their business's vulnerability to security breaches
  • 43% say that the increased use of personal devices has increased their business’ vulnerability to security breaches
  • 66% of employees work remotely at least some of the time
  • Remote work can increase productivity by 4.4% compared to in-office work
  • 54% of businesses that are still self-hosted have no plans to migrate to cloud or data center solutions

As we discussed earlier, there's still room for organizations to fully embrace the future of ITSM and unlock all of its potential. But where should we start?

Investing in automation, creating clear SLAs, managing security risks associated with remote work, and carefully considering the timing of migration to cloud or data center solutions are some of the key areas highlighted in the report. 

And, by taking these action steps outlined in the report, businesses can work towards increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and fostering a more inclusive workplace.

Staying ahead of the curve and being prepared for the future requires a comprehensive understanding of the ever-evolving landscape of ITSM. So, I hope these insights have been helpful to you. Don't forget to check out Appfire and Cprime's upcoming industry research report, "The Future of ITSM: Navigating Industry Change with Confidence," for more valuable insights and strategies to help you succeed.



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