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How to use automation (A4J rule) to create a new issue from the comments on closed ticket

This article explains how to use an automation rule to create a new issue in the following scenario:

  • Customers are responding to a closed ticket via email i.e., the user is using the same email thread of a closed ticket to send an email and not changing the body or subject.

In this case, since the ticket was already closed, to avoid reopening the ticket, this article can be used as a guide on creating a new issue with the information contained in the latest comment added to the closed ticket.

How can this be achieved?

By setting up an automation rule that does the following:

  1. Copies the latest comment on the closed ticket to then create a new ticket with the same summary as the closed ticket. This will have the description set to the recently added comment on the closed ticket.
  2. New ticket's assignee would be the same assignee as the closed ticket.
  3. The reporter would be whoever sent the email by replying on top of the closed ticket - typically the previous reporter.

Navigate to service project > Project settings > Automation > click on Create rule

  • Trigger: Issue Commented.

  • image.png
  • Condition: Issue status is one of Closed, Done or Resolved

  • image.png
  • Action: Create a new issue
    • In the same project, with the same issue type as the trigger issue
    • Copy summary from the current issue
    • Set description to indicate that the issue is created from comments on a closed ticket and include the url
    • Include the last comments from the trigger issue in the new issue's description as shown below
    • Copy assignee from trigger issue
    • Set reporter to the author of the last comment on the trigger issue
  • image.png
  • Save and publish the rule
So basically this rule when enabled would create a new issue when comments are added to a closed ticket. The summary for this new ticket would be the same summary from the ticket to which comments were added and the description would be updated with the comments that were added and include the ticket from which it was added as well. The reporter would be set as the author of that comment and the assignee of the new ticket would be the assignee of the closed ticket.

Request type for the newly created issue can be set following the automation rule explained in the document below:


Workflow properties can also be used to limit the ability to comment on closed issues, which would result in a new ticket being created. This is explained in the documentation below:



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