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Create SLA's based on Agents Time Zones

When working on Jira Service Management, there might be time that your Agents are scattered all over the world, making them use different time zones and affecting how your SLA’s get assigned to them.

Today I’m going to show you how to create SLA’s based on different Time Zones and Apply them to a specific Agent or Group that works that shift.

Let’s Begin!

Creating a JQL query that finds ticket targets to which you would want to apply your new SLA to

First step is simple, we will work on a JQL query that finds all tickets we need to apply this new SLA to.

An example of this JQL is:

created >= startOfDay("+8h") AND created <= startOfDay("+16h")

You can use the advanced search feature to test that your JQL gives you the correct results.


The above will find all tickets that are created from your current from 8AM to 4PM on your current Calendar Time.

To check which time zone your Jira Uses you can use the following:

Settings → System → General Configuration → Default user time zone

Based on the above you would want to create a JQL that takes into consideration the time zone you want to cover while considering your current Time Zone.


Creating an SLA for the Time Zone using the JQL we just created.

To implement this into an SLA we need to do the following steps.

Go to:

Project Settings → SLAs → Add SLA

NOTE: In this example i’m using the Jira Default 9 to 5 Calendar that is already in the system, however if you want to add additional Calendars you can feel free to do so and adjust to match.

We would want to create something like below:


On the above example, I’m utilizing the example to implement a Night Shift Time to First Response.

I’m Utilizing the time period/interval that would match their work period while still taking into account the system time.

That is it!

Once you’ve saved your SLA if you used the correct time interval it will begin to apply it to the applicable tickets.

NOTE: You may want to modify your other SLAs to that they don’t get applied to your tickets incorrectly after this change.

There are other ways to achieve this, however this is one of the simplest.

1 comment

David Yu
Rising Star
Rising Star
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January 12, 2024

Doesn't the SLA logic for startOfDay(8h) create problems later on? For example, on Day 1, it'll apply the rules perfectly fine. On the next day, startOfDay(8h) won't match the issues it matched yesterday.


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