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Announcing Mindville Insight is now part of Jira Service Management!

Hello Community!

We’re excited to announce that Mindville Insight’s asset and configuration management capabilities will now be integrated into Jira Service Management Premium and Enterprise plans!

If you already have Jira Service Management Premium or Enterprise, you can expect to see these new Insight capabilities in your instance in the coming weeks.

With Insight, IT teams can:

  • Close service requests faster by linking customer assets directly to the issue

  • Minimize risk by understanding the downstream impact of changes

  • Add context to issues so they can troubleshoot and resolve major incidents at high velocity

  • Gain detailed visibility of their infrastructure so they can better locate and solve underlying problems

  • Discover and track assets to aid planning, audits, and compliance activities

  • Import data from Insight Discovery, which is now available in the Atlassian Marketplace for free.

Unlike legacy CMDBs, Insight’s flexible and open data structure allows teams to manage any kind of asset to support their ITSM practices. HR, sales & marketing, legal, facilities, and other functions can also use Insight to track and manage their assets and resources.

Have questions about what this means for you or want to learn more? Please see our Frequently Asked Questions

Want to see it in action? Watch our video, get to know Insight for Jira Service Management! 


In our April 7 Lightning Talk @Charlotte Nicolaou will talk through a deep dive into Asset and Configuration Management with Insight. Be sure to register for Episode 10  to learn more!

We’ve got more fun planned in the coming months, so stay tuned 🤘🎸 ! 





looking forward to Insight custom fields instead of those assets fields. Makes it a lot more flexible and useable 

Oh and more import capabilities!

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Nice! but as @Dirk Ronsmans im curious about the custom and reference fields in cloud. Is there any roadmap?

Does anyone know if my objects in the original Insight will be merged over?

and also if the API will remain the same for pulling the data?

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Is the REST API ready?

Yes, we also have "original" insight as CMDB; will this be migrated?
Or do we have to do something for this? 

@Kate Clavet  Sorry for tagging you... 

With the  insight tab now available do you have any answers at hand for these:


1.Will we have insight fields rather then asset (will they be searchable using global search)

2. Will  my objects in the original Insight will be merged over? (or do we need to do this manually)

3. will the mindville restAPI stay the same or will we need to make code changes for a new API / API structure.



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@Martyn Bell and @Wolff

Your data will not be automatically merged over from the 'original' Insight cloud app and this new integrated version. 
However, we are working on tools to help make this a significantly less manual process which you can expect sometime before June. 

To answer your other questions Martyn, 

1. Insight fields are already in. They are a significant improvement with more coming shortly (like filter issue scope)

3. I'm not sure about the rest API, I'm trying to find out for you. cc @Gayan Gunapala 

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Tom Moors Community Leader Apr 07, 2021

Hi @Charlotte Nicolaou , @Gayan Gunapala ,

Great work! I would be completely satisfied if the Insight Custom Field had support for placeholders so we could create a field that is dependent on information given in an other field - but I do hope this is coming in a next iteration :-)

In order to apply my current workaround for the dependent fields, I would need access to the api in order to fetch all the items.

Based on the documentation on, the table states that the REST api is provided in the next version as well. Great news!

Unfortunately, I can't find the correct documentation, there is no provided in the Jira Service Management documentation nor any updates on .

Could you help us find the info? My guess is that we now can use the default Jira authentication and the info is living somewhere in /rest/servicedesk/cmdb endpoint :-)

Do you have any plans on offering this for the Free and Standard plans ?

@Shamly Faleel Insight is only available on the Premium and Enterprise plans.

On the Free / Standard plans, you will need one of the asset management apps available on the Atlassian Marketplace:

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@Amaresh Ray Thanks for your input. Will check the marketplace.

@Charlotte Nicolaou thanks for the info regarding migration. But what would you recommend to our customer, that has used the app in production and has hundreds of Objects. How should they be transferred to the JSM integration?

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@Amaresh RayAny change that this will change in the future (for free plans)?

felipe_lucena Community Leader May 07, 2021

Excellent delivery from Atlassian. I am looking forward to the delivery of data access via API Rest.

Me too, 

Unfortunately i have some items that rely on the rest API so i cannot move over until this is released.

@Martyn Bell
@Gayan Gunapala 
@Tom Moors

I apologise for the delay, it's taken a little longer than hoped, but the Insight API is now available. 


Community post on REST API 

In that community post is a link to a survey about future Integrations for Insight Cloud. 
We would really appreciate it if you could share your feedback!


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@Charlotte Nicolaou  -- 

Found out its still cheaper to stay with the current solution then go to Premium plan - where it is part of. 


Will the current solution be cut off at a point? or what is Atlassians vision? 

Hi @Wolff 

Do you mean the standalone app Insight? That will be end-of-lifed at the end of next March for Cloud.

The aim is to have everyone migrate to this new integrated version in Premium. 

More specifics can be seen here:


As to the vision - short term we want to bring in integrations to third party tools and add some smaller features to make it parallel with the Data Center version. 

Long term - flesh out the asset and configuration management capabilities and make it a very modern, cloud-friendly CMDB. 

Connor Rising Star Jun 07, 2021

@Charlotte Nicolaou

Your data will not be automatically merged over from the 'original' Insight cloud app and this new integrated version. However, we are working on tools to help make this a significantly less manual process which you can expect sometime before June. 

Can you provide any additional information about the migration tool? My company is excited to use the new Insight but we've been holding off until we can migrate our data.

Hi @Connor 

We're looking to have the data migration tool out some time this summer. It will be centred around an export/import functionality. I'm not 100% sure at what level but I think it should be at the object schema level. So you will export each of your schemas + types + objects from old Insight and import them into new Insight. 

The more difficult bit is your asset fields and any automations you have - these are completely different in new Insight so creating an automated tool would be so incredibly complex.

Asset fields are now custom fields and are far more powerful. And Insight automations have disappeared and instead use Jira automations with new Insight specific actions, triggers etc. 

I hope that helps give you an idea of where we're going and what you need to plan for. We'll make sure to do lots of updates when the data migration feature is available. 

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Hello @Charlotte Nicolaou


Do you have any news on placeholders for custom fields?  This is the main issue we have right now and stopper for using JSM Cloud.




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Hi @Effie Bagourdi _Nimaworks_ , 

By placeholders I believe you mean filter issue scope? Where you can filter the Insight objects in a custom field based on the values of fields in the issue itself? 

It's coming really soon, should be there in the next few weeks or so all things being well. 

I'll try and remember to post and tag you when it's available. 

Cheers, Charlotte

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Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader Jun 10, 2021

Awesome! One of the things we’re all waiting for the most besides more import options :)

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Great news @Charlotte Nicolaou ! Looking forward to it!


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