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The new Insight API & help us decide future integrations

Good news for those that have been eagerly awaiting this release!

The REST API for the integrated version of Insight for Jira Service Management Cloud is now available.

This API can be used to get data in and out of Insight. So if you have a third party tool you want to sync with Insight, this is the way to do it (for now at least).


REST API Documentation 

Note: there is some overlap with the Insight standalone app API but it’s not 100%.


Let us know which integrations you want with our survey!

Currently the API is the best way of integrating Insight with external tools. But in future, we will create a range of pre-built integrations with common third party tools – like we have for Insight on Data Center.

Please take a few minutes of your time to fill in this survey from our product team about which data sources you would like to bring into Insight. We would really like to hear your input. 

Integration Survey 




Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader May 25, 2021

Awesome, another step forward :)

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Jimmy Seddon Community Leader May 25, 2021

Thank you for the information @Charlotte Nicolaou!

I know the most important integration for our team is being able to put Insight information into Confluence.  This should be a step in that direction for us. 

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Firstly create a workstation agent that can PUSH to the cloud instance. I have hundreds of thousands of IP addresses in our subnets and having only a scan tool doesn't work. This will also help as computers won't be missed that are off-network or not on at the time of the scan.
After that then an SCCM/AZURE intergration tool would help.

For anyone that wants it, I have a beta PowerShell module for this new API.
You can find it here JSM.Insight

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Just to verify, this new REST API is only for JSM Cloud. Is it available for JSM Datacenter? 


@Kevin Thibeault 

Hi Kevin, the post above is purely about the Cloud API. 

But we do have a Data Center API too. I should have mentioned it!

The documentation can be found here.

It'll eventually move over to the Atlassian site but it will work for now.


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Thanks @Charlotte Nicolaou 

What would be the version to use?




@Gayan GunapalaI just used version 1 to access it.

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Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader May 31, 2021

@Gary.Smith ,

well you do have the optional Discovery Agent (

Not sure how this will relate to cloud but since you still need to upload your results file manually to cloud I'd think this is no different.

@Dirk RonsmansIf I use the discovery agent I still need to manually import every single file (~25000 assets).

Dirk Ronsmans Community Leader May 31, 2021

@Gary.Smith definitely and thats something they need to work on. But it would solve the issue that you can't scan devices that arent online.

Hi @Gary.Smith and @Dirk Ronsmans 
Just to add to the conversation, we are working on making automated imports of Discovery files significantly easier on Cloud. I believe there are ways you can do it today but it's a bit of a hack. 

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@Charlotte NicolaouI'd be happy for a hack for now.

I was wondering if I use the agent to push to a network share and then import that XML\JSON with a script and the API if that would work.
But so far I have not been able to push to either a file share or SFTP.

Hi @Charlotte Nicolaou ,

I tried these new APIs. It says "This API is experimental. Experimental APIs are not guaranteed to be stable within the preview period."

  • What is the duration of the preview period?
  • When can we expect stable APIs?

Thank you

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I will appreciate sccm integration.


Kind regards 


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I am trying to follow the documentation posted in the top of this discussion. I achieved to get the workspaceId but I have problem to use the jsm/insight rest api.

This is my python code

base_url = ""
workSpace = "/rest/servicedeskapi/insight/workspace"
headers = {"Accept":"application/json","X-ExperimentalApi" : "opt-in"}
auth = HTTPBasicAuth("","****************")
workspace2 = json.loads(requests.get(f"{base_url}{workSpace}",headers=headers,auth=auth).text)
workspaceId = workspace2['values'][0]['workspaceId']
# Out[103]: 'workspaceId seems to be correct'
icon_rest = f"/jsm/insight/workspace/{workspaceId}/v1/icon/global"



But I receive a 404 error.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance,


@Folino I have a powershell module that you can use.

I use it every day, it just says beta because the docs are still in beta and i haven't added help commands. 

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Thank you @Gary.Smith ,

I've found out what I was doing wrong.

I changed 




and then It worked.


Thank you for the tool anyway =)

hi @Charlotte Nicolaou 

How are you? Wondering how the integration work progressing? Will AWS and Azure will come soon?

We are aware that jira server license will end next year. Currently we use the server version to sync to the cloud. Not sure what will happen to this integration afterwards. 



@Charlotte Nicolaou How to Upload "Avatars" for Insight Object and what about Attachments?

Either it´s not available or not documented... 

Hi @Charlotte Nicolaou ,

are you going to make these APIs available from Connect apps (i.e. through JWT authentication)? This is essential for apps to integrate with Insight.



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I'm not sure if you're aware but your decision of encoding I belive is really bad, I think you're using some sort of Windows 1252 charset and it's breaking anything other than the english language. 

I've created a script that pulls our HR data and our Azure device data and anything with some sort of special character creates an error and when I try to encode the data it even the encoding breaks due to it having special characters. 

I've spent hours and hours trying to work out some sort of solution for this and still no happy ending. 

I am desperately seeking a Jira (JSM) Insight to Trello integration (Bi-Directional)   .  Do any of the "off the shelf" integrations like Unito work for this?  


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