inline comments in Product Discovery Idea Descriptions section

Eric Jahn September 1, 2023

In Product Discovery, there is a Description section (see screenshot).inlinecomments.png

As you can see, there is a comment section available below description section, but inline comments (like what are available for regular Confluence pages) are not available within the description section. We find inline comments are very useful for indicating what specific section of text the comment is referring to.  Can there be added, a way to improve the Description comments feature, so the comments can reference the snippet of Description text they are referring to, similar to functionality already in Confluence? Mainly there just needs to be a visual indication and link in the Description text area highlighting that a comment exists in the existing comment section below.  And if clicked, the visual indication jumps to the linked comment.  Thank you for your consideration.

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Stephen Wood September 1, 2023

Just wanted to chime in and say that we're still writing all of our PRDs in google docs because of this feature gap. Would be really great to support in-line comments so we can bring everything into Jira.


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