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Separate Open and Restricted portals into two distinct Help Centers

Dave Elger November 5, 2023

We are using JSM Cloud and have many client customers using portals.  Our clients/customers have two distinct use cases 

1. Open portals where we allow customers of any organization to submit and see tickets.

2. Restricted portals where the only invited users to single portals are allowed to access tickets.

When any user goes to the help center, they see  all Open portals, and do not see the Restricted portals if they do not have permission.

However, when a user with permissions to see a Restricted portal/project goes to the Help Center url, or uses the link upper left from their restricted portal, they reach the Help Center page where they see their Restricted project (as expected) but they still see all the Open projects.  In the status filter, they also see the statuses of all restricted and open service projects which is also confusing to those users.

I get it, the restricted user still sees all the open portals, but that is confusing in our case.  I think we need separate help centers, One for all the open JSM projects, and separate help centers for each restricted project.  Open to other solutions though.

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Joseph Chung Yin
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
November 5, 2023

@Dave Elger -

Hi Dave:

Unfortunately, each subscription for JSM site only has one common portal "Help Desk".  To have two different portals "Help Centers", it will means that you have two separate subscriptions.   I know it is not something that you wanted to hear, but based on my knowledges and experiences, there is no other options to have two different Help Center portals.

The only suggestion that I have for you is to restrict those common projects (portals) from being access by your restricted projects (portals) users - Essentially, every project is restricted.  

Out of the box - In short, All of your customers will access the same help center, but they will only see projects/portals that they are give permission to access. 

I would recommend you to contact Atlassian Support ( to raise your enhancement request.  Or, you will need to develop your own custom webpages where in those webpages controls the access to the help center portal.  Your customers will only access your env via those custom webpages and not the help center directly.  Lastly, you may also want to take a look at Atlassian Marketplace for possible third parties add-ons that may provide you with the solutions -

I believe here is one that you may want to take a look at -

Hope this helps.

Best, Joseph Chung Yin

Jira/JSM Functional Lead, Global Technology Applications Team

Viasat Inc.

Robert Condon November 6, 2023

Can you not remove 'Service Project Customer - Portal Access' from the 'Browse Projects Permission' on the restricted sites?

You would then put all users that you want to be able to access the restricted site into a Group, and add this to Browse Projects on the Restricted site.

You would also need to make this change for all 'Service Project Customer' permissions, such as create issue, add comment, etc 

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Majken Longlade November 17, 2023

Yes, especially with the new layout controls, I would really like to be able to have multiple landing pages without needing to buy an app. It wouldn't need to use multiple URLs, could assign landing pages to users via groups or external vs internal.

I didn't see a feature request in JAC, maybe someone else can find it? Otherwise you can file a support ticket and ask they create a feature request for you. If they do please link it!

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