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Junebug monthly challenge badge is now live!


Here’s what happened in May: thousands of you earned the Merry May badge. Thousands! I have faith that you can all repeat this feat in June.

This month’s challenge is to post in at least 25 discussion threads, with a max of five per day. This means you can post in as many discussion threads as you like -- and I hope you will! -- but only five per day will count towards the badge.

Some suggestions on how to achieve this:

Looking forward to some fun discussions in June!

Note: the challenge starts when it's June in your time zone. Until then, it's still Merry May!


Great! Let's start right here! (addendum: this is not a discussion. I'll have to start again somewhere else ;-) ).

The monthly challenges are becoming more and more interesting. and... challenging!

Thank you @Monique vdB!

Great idea, emphasising the contributions to (proper) discussions is very welcome!  I do feel that discussions don't get as much attention or feedback as they deserve.

Deleted user May 31, 2018


Like Rajesh Viswanathan likes this

I'm gonna get this month's badge for sure!

Excellent! I'm ready to get this badge.

Wow this is gonna be awesome! 

Thomas Schlegel Community Leader Jun 01, 2018

This one is harder to catch, great idea, @Monique vdB.  

What happens, if we change the type of a post from discussion to question (because it is no discussion, it is just a question in the wrong category)? I'm doing this several times a day.

Don't want to be blamed for not getting the badge, so maybe I shouldn't do this in June ;-)

Uuh good question Thomas! ;)

Mirek Community Leader Jun 04, 2018

Hmm.. So..  It can be 5 posts maximum per day (a new reply or response) and it is also valid on the same discussion. Correct? :)

Great thought :) 

Monique vdB Community Manager Jun 04, 2018

@Thomas Schlegel that is a great question -- I'm not sure what the system will think about that. My best guess is it will count, but it's only a guess!

@Mirek Yes it should be valid on the same discussion :)

Oh look... a June discussion >_> *shameless plug*

Woohoo! Glad I am back from vacation for this one! 

Hello, great Challenge. :D

Deleted user Jun 05, 2018

Will try to get it before vacation.

OK, this is one ...


grab the badge..

Deleted user Jun 07, 2018

Woo hoo, just got my Junebug badge!

Monique vdB Community Manager Jun 07, 2018

Nice job, @[deleted]!

I got mine too :) 

 I need this badge, I HAVE to get it!!

Still grinding ...

"The June Bug" (EDITED)
Thomas Hally April 27, 2018

A buggy couple of poems I'd like to share.
Spring is gone us and summer is everywhere.
April has been nice but I woduln't want it twice
Or thrice. April is too wet for me the sound of rain
falling make me want to flee.
In May the grass grows and the flowers bloom. 
Then at the end of June, the June Bugs take it upon 
themselves to watch the Dragon Flies Fly and 
prepare for their doom.

It’s that time of year
The June Bug draws near.
The ugly little critter is more than 
Just a lowly scarab and a beetle.
When I was a child I’d poke
Them in their back with a tailor’s needle
But not to kill or harm them
In any shape, form or way.
June Bugs were part and parcel
Of our family’s tiny farm as they are

"Black Widow 2017
Haiku Poem

Black Widow Eat Mate
Night Dome Swallow Comet Tail
Black Widow Burp Fart

Like Rajesh Viswanathan likes this


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