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What's New in Confluence Cloud – February 2020 Edition

Hello, everyone! This month, we’re pleased to announce a customer-requested feature that will transform your best guesses into guarantees.

With analytics for pages, now there’s no question of how much attention your Confluence page is attracting. Available to admins and end-users with Confluence Cloud Standard edition, you can instantly see hard facts like which knowledge base articles customers are gravitating towards, or if your weekly status meeting notes have been read.

1a - View page (with tree) (1).png

From any page, you can now view total page views, the number of unique users who have seen the page, comments, and how your page activity has trended over time.

To see stats for any of your pages, click the link marked “Analytics” under a page’s title and author information. This will give you a snapshot of your page activity.

Find those excellent performing pages again quickly with this month’s power feature. Skip the search and set aside important pages with the starred button.


This is just one of many new features headed your way this year. Please share your feedback with us in the comments!


Nicole February 7, 2020

Hmmm... this was the main reason my organization purchased Premium.

Now if we were only able to perform a raw data export from the Space Analytics Overview page or get complete access to Google Analytics data.

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Tim Clipsham
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
February 7, 2020

Hi @Nicole,

Thanks for being a Confluence Premium customer. I’m Tim, the Product Manager that looks after Confluence Analytics and I’m keen to learn more about what we can do to make analytics more useful for customers like yourself.

In Premium, you can currently export analytics data to Excel via the “Pages” and “Users” tabs in Space Analytics. Does that help address your request for a raw data export?

We’re continuing to make Confluence Premium better and analytics remains a key Premium feature, designed to help customers with more advanced use cases. We’ve brought some of the basics into Standard (e.g. total views on a page) that better align with the needs of all our customers, while the more advanced features such as analytics at the space and site-level remain in Premium.

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Nicole February 7, 2020

Hi @Tim Clipsham: Thanks for reaching out. We have a public Confluence site and would like to export more data than is offered under the "Pages" and "Users" tabs. This is why I mentioned wanting the ability to export from the Space Analytics Overview page. I've already submitted a ticket about this and this suggestion was created.

We have also tested Google Analytics add ons and have been told Atlassian limits the data its customers receive from GA, like location data. I also submitted a ticket for this. It seems like the main focus of Confluence Cloud development is for internal team use, rather than public, anonymous use.

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Renato Chencinski February 14, 2020

Side note on offering tips when I open confluence:
I like them, but I'm usually in the middle of doing something and don't want to lose context, so I generally open in a new window.

Since the popup that appears doesn't make it clear that it will open in a new window, and right clicking or middle-clicking doesn't open in a new window, I used to just dismiss the info and miss the update, because it gets in the way of my current work.

Today I realized that it opens in a new window, which I didn't know because it's not clear this is the behavior.

Maybe changing the button label as "Open in new windows", or letting me middle-click the button as I'm used to, would get more traction in opening these confluence news.

Anyways, hope it helps.


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Trudy Claspill
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
February 14, 2020

Does this feature work only for pages created using the new editor? For older pages that use the older editor the Analytics pop-up doesn't display anything, but it works find for pages created in the new editor.


Disregard - apparently my browser was glitching.

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Alex Rouk February 14, 2020

I am using Analytics for months already.. How is that became "new"? What am I missing?

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Move Work Forward
Rising Star
Rising Star
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February 14, 2020

Is there API for the Analytics feature? @Tim Clipsham 

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Robert Olsen February 16, 2020


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Pascal February 16, 2020

I'd like to add to @Renato Chencinski 's comment:

Paid for products should not interrupt your workflow. A discreet "incoming message" icon is OK, but being able to configure such notifications is the norm.

Is there an admin-setting where I can choose to be notified of new features by email only, for example?

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Ture Hoefner February 16, 2020

I'd prefer that Cloud interrupt my workflow for new features.  I'd have never looked at this if it came to me in an email... that would be out of context... my time for email is not Confluence time. 

If a new feature notification interrupts me when I'm in context I can quickly check it out and keep moving.  More efficient, even though it is an interruption.

Fine to add an admin setting to disable it but I think the admin would be doing their users a disservice by doing that.

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Pascal February 16, 2020

Hey @Ture Hoefner ! Now we're both here on this discussion-thread, each with our own opposing views. How cool is that? Long live the internet!


Anyways, notification settings are usually on a per-user basis, so the admin doesn't get to choose for them.


Seems that Atlassian goes all-in on user notification settings via email (check <yourdomail>/wiki/users/viewmyemailsettings.action) but IMO still needs to provide some user options to enable or disable news flashes within the product.

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Annina Chrystal February 16, 2020

This is a very handy feature!

Does "admins and end-users" basically mean everyone who has access to the Confluence site?

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Peter Kidson February 16, 2020

Still stuck with the new editor with crippled table functionality though :-(   wtf are they thinking ??

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Production Management February 16, 2020

Just another page full of advertisements and showing nothing usefull. Whenever I click it displays "Buy premium".



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Bernard Welter February 17, 2020

Please mention in one of the first lines that this is a premium feature. It is frustrating to look into this and discovering after some time that the feature does not apply to our edition.

I understand marketing wants to push there thing but I am just using the tool, not wanting to see all the time things I miss because of our subscription.

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Production Management February 17, 2020

@Bernard Welter nope, they declare in this article that the feature will be available to Standard edition as well, but in fact what is available in standard edition is just a graph surrounded by advertisements, no real value.

With analytics for pages, now there’s no question of how much attention your Confluence page is attracting. Available to admins and end-users with Confluence Cloud Standard edition, you can instantly see hard facts like which knowledge base articles customers are gravitating towards, or who from your weekly status meeting still needs to read the notes.

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Bernard Welter February 17, 2020

Maybe thats the issue. Yes there is some info in standard edition but not of much use. Its not what is described in this article. 

Prafulla_kenjale_e February 17, 2020

This is a premium feature does not apply to our edition!

Laura February 17, 2020

Can you use this to see which pages are most popular across the space?

cruel February 17, 2020

And yet all we wanted was single layouts and the ability to move them up and down the page.

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Omar Villanueva February 17, 2020

Sounds good!

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Wagner Fraga February 17, 2020

It is not available for Standard edition, contrary to what the article is saying.
Can you clarify, please?

Matt Sweetnam February 17, 2020

1) how do i see the performance across an entire site/space? I don't want to have to go into every page individually

2) what is pricing?

Tom Crowley February 18, 2020

Instead of actually developing useful new features for this release, you just changed the control on the most basic aspect of the Premium analytics so that it was available for Standard users. That's what, an hour combined of dev and QA time?

What about all the other customer-requested features that we used to have that you've removed? 

For anyone after site-wide analytics, you need Premium. Pricing is here: It's double that of Standard. If you've not got the bare-bones analytics offering yet, just wait. Atlassian likes to roll things out to different people at different times, for maximum confusion.

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Nicole February 18, 2020

@Tom Crowley: At this point, my feeling is that they are waiting until the Summit to release features, or hopefully bring back features, people want/need. My fingers are crossed for some good news!


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