What's New in Confluence Cloud – August 2021 Edition

Happy August, Community!

This month we're celebrating the science of collaboration with Confluence Collaboratory Month. Read on for our latest features, integrations, and science-themed giveaways. 

Connect Confluence to Slack and Microsoft Teams ⚡️

Ditch the inbox and get Confluence notifications, like comments or page edits, directly in Slack. Capture collaborative Confluence meeting notes and circulate information effortlessly with automatic note sharing and organization in TeamsConnect today!


Screen Shot 2021-08-09 at 6.36.58 PM.png

Propel into action directly from the page tree 🌳

You can now perform multiple actions to a page…without ever opening it! Hover over a page title in the sidebar of the space and select the ••• button to try it out. Learn more


Confluence is gaining velocity 🚀

Confluence editor and table of contents just got turbocharged so you can collaborate even faster. Check it out


Experiment with ease …. undo and redo buttons are here 💥

Use the Ctrl+Z keyboard shortcut or simply click a button to undo or redo an action. See it in action.


Become a collaboratory scientist 🧪

This month we’re celebrating the science of incredible collaboration with quizzes, competitions, webinars, and, of course, some fun surprises along the way.

And to get you electrified for the competition, enjoy a punny science joke…
Why can you never trust atoms? ⚛️

They make up everything! 


That’s all for now! As always, please share your feedback in the comments and subscribe to the whats-new RSS feed to stay up to date on the latest.


Iain Davidson August 23, 2021

Great feature.  Can we add Slack to the interconnectivity too?

Steven Kalinke August 23, 2021

Any news on the external collaborators feature?

Omar Madrid August 25, 2021

Waiting for google chat integration

Iain Davidson July 25, 2022

Could we also add 'Mattermost' interconnectivity too? 


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