New archiving capabilities in Confluence to fit your every need

In April, we added an oft-requested feature to our Confluence Cloud standard plan–the page archiving beta. Today, we’re happy to report that we’re taking page archive out of beta and also bringing bulk archive to Confluence Cloud Premium! Thanks to all of you who provided valuable feedback on the page archive feature and helped get it ready for prime time.

Within every organization there are Confluence champions who proactively organize spaces and pages, keep them updated, and bring others along. We built these features just for them.

Page archive in our Standard plan helps you manage content in Confluence by filing away outdated Confluence pages. It’s simple to use. Just open the (…) ellipsis menu in the top right corner of any published page and navigate to archive.

Bulk archive in our Premium plan lets you file away multiple pages simultaneously. For example, if you want to archive a parent page with all of its accompanying children pages, it’s a snap with multi-select. This content management super power is especially helpful for site and space admins who manage large Confluence sites with loads of projects and pages. Now you can cleanup your Confluence site in a matter of minutes. If you have Premium, you can find the “Bulk Archive” icon in your space sidebar.

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Because page archive and bulk archive are important features for content management, we’ve created a new permission specifically for archiving so admins can grant this to anyone who manages content. All content creators also have archive permissions on their own pages. And don’t worry! With both features, you can always restore pages and consult them later from the “Archived pages” screen. You can navigate to archived pages in each space at the bottom of the page tree or by using the original link to the page.


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Now for the fine print:

  • Archived pages get removed from the page tree, quick search, advanced search, analytics, editor macros and insert links.

  • Links to archived pages still work, but they are labeled as archived and the following actions are disabled: edit, like, move, copy, view in hierarchy, share, add/remove labels, add/edit/delete attachments, add comment (inline and page); like/reply/delete/resolve comments, add/complete/remove tasks, import Word document.

  • When pages are restored, pages default to their original location, or you can set a new parent page from an existing page. If the original parent page no longer exists in the page tree, pages default to the top of the tree.

  • Soon we’ll add multi-selection to the archive so you can restore or delete multiple pages, plus all of their children in one go.

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To recap, with page and bulk archiving, you can:

🔍  Help everyone find relevant content more easily.

🧹  Keep page trees tidy, well-organized, and easy to navigate.

🙌  Build trust with your team that information in Confluence is always up-to-date.

Need a few tips to get started with archiving pages so you can make your team even more successful on Confluence?

  • When you encounter an outdated page on Confluence, update it or archive it.

  • When a new member joins your team, take ten minutes as you’re putting together their onboarding plan to tidy up your Confluence space and archive irrelevant pages.

  • Set aside a few hours each quarter to reorganize your space and archive outdated pages. Here are a few categories to target:

    • Meeting notes

    • Completed or stalled projects

    • Assets that are no longer current

  • Since archived pages get removed from search, sit back and enjoy as your Confluence site results become more relevant than ever.

Try the new archiving experience in Confluence and share your feedback with the team here.

Confluence Cloud Premium just keeps getting better. Check out admin insights, another recent Premium feature!

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Iain Sear October 28, 2020

Great feature, hadnt even considered the need for this now it seems obvious.

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