How to Show the Sum of storypoint which are done vs not done in one field ?

Yatiraj Sharma August 11, 2023

I want to show the Sum of StoryPoints of children as Completed/Remaining.

Below is the formula I use to calculated the total stories/tasks vs completed one. I want the similarly for StoryPoints 


WITH count = issuesInEpic.FILTER($.issuetype.array ('Task','Story') and $.project.key="ABC").Size():
WITH done = issuesInEpic.FILTER($.issuetype.array ('Task','Story') and $.project.key="ABC" and $.status="Done").Size():

if (count>0;concat("{panel}",done, "/", count,"{panel}");"-")  this gives me results like 25/33 

i.e. 25 stories/tasks completed out of total 33

So similarly I need to get  52/95 points

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Yatiraj Sharma August 11, 2023

Below is the formula for Jira Structure to show Done Story Point/Total Story Points

WITH TotalPoints = SUM#children{StoryPoints}:
WITH DonePoints = SUM#children{IF status = "Done": storyPoints}:

if (TotalPoints>0;concat("{panel}",DonePoints,"/", TotalPoints,"{panel}");"-")

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