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New automation triggers across Jira Cloud, Bitbucket, GitLab & Github!

Hi Atlassian community,

I am happy to let you know that we have just released five new automation triggers that will connect and automate your processes across Jira Cloud, Bitbucket, GitHub, Gitlab and more. If you use these tools, these triggers are going to put a smile on your face! 

**Update - we have now added 6 further 'build and deploy' automation triggers for Jira automation. Read all about it here. We also have added an extensive list of smart values to use with these DevOps triggers here


Remind me, what is automation in Jira?

We recently released our new no-code automation engine in Jira

Every single admin can now automate all of those repetitive tasks that used to soak up your precious time and brain space. No more manual issue transitions. No more laborious editing of fields or human triaging of tickets. Automation takes care of all of that. Better again, it works across your entire suite of tools.

Making the automation engine a native feature in Jira Cloud was, however, just the first step. We want automation to make your work flow across all products.

What are these new DevOps triggers?

DevOps automation triggers for Jira and Bitbucker.png

We have just released five new triggers including: Branch created, Commit created, Pull request created, Pull request declined and Pull request merged. Each trigger integrates with Bitbucket, Github, Gitlab and more. It means you can stay working in context without the need to switch between tools, write scripts, etc.

If you haven’t yet linked your Jira and Bitbucket accounts, you will be prompted to do so the first time you use these triggers. It is all beautifully intuitive.


brach created jira bitbucket automation trigger.png
connect jira and bitbucket.png

If you want to explore the triggers further, you can check out our docs here. 

What kind of use cases would I use it for?

There is no limit to the use cases you can solve using this automation engine and these new DevOps triggers. That’s the beauty. It brings unlimited potential without adding any complexity.

Let me give you two examples of how we are using these new triggers in Atlassian.


Example 1:

When a Pull request is merged, transition an issue to ‘rolling out’ if a certain feature flag is linked to it. Otherwise, transition to done.


sample devops automation rule jira.png


Example 2:

When a commit is created and assigned to John or Nick, send a Slack message to the team.


sample automation devops rule bitbucket.png


Does it actually work?

Of course! But don’t just take my word for it. Early-adopting users have already tweeted feedback. We would love for you to give it a go too. We are constantly trying to improve so if you have questions, please leave a comment below.


         tweet about automation jira devops.png 

Where can I find automation?

If you are not already using automation, it can be a little tricky to find (we’re working on making this better). It is in your Jira Settings under ‘Automation.’ You will need to be a project or site admin to see this navigation and to be able to create and edit automation rules. (In next-gen projects, you can see it under project settings > apps > Project automation)


automation in jira.png 
automation in jira discover.png

What’s next?

We have a ton more coming in the automation and DevOps space so I will make sure to post frequently to the community with updates. The community has always been an immense source of knowledge and an amazing support network for those getting started with automation. Thank you for that.  

Hopefully these new triggers did bring a smile to your face. If you'd like to learn more, we will be running a webinar with GitLab where you can learn more about these automation triggers (even if you use BitBucket or GitHub)

Also you can now find all the smart values you need to help add power to your devops rules here




Taranjeet Singh Community Leader Apr 02, 2020

Thanks for the updates on this great feature! These new automation triggers are going to be really useful, especially when they will also be available for GitHub & GitLab.

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Thanks @Taranjeet,

We are pretty excited about the GitHub and GitLab elements too. Should bring lots of new automation options for customers! 

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Great job!
Waiting for Github a lot!:)

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This is great.  Can't wait to use it when GitHub is available.  Any updates on when that may be available?

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Great news!

This has been much requested over the years and it's nice to see it implemented :)

It is already making life easier for many and I can't wait to see what you have in mind for the future!

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elizabeth_jones Community Leader Apr 15, 2020

So exciting; glad to see this. 

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Seconding (or thirding) the request for est. timeline on Github release.

Like John McKiernan likes this

Hi @Max & @Daniel,

I can't give an exact date just yet but it is very much to be counted in weeks rather then months. I will update here as soon as I have a confirmed launch date and will also email :)



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Thanks @John McKiernan - we're teeing up a use case like: "When a Jira issue with XXXXX criteria is created, create a Github issue/task/card (forgive my lack of familiarity with Github)." Can you confirm something along these lines will be available with this new automation release? 

Hi @Max McDaniel ,

At the moment, it will be the other way around. It will listen for events in Bitbucket such as Branch created which will then allow you to perform actions in Jira. Essentially they are the same triggers as below currently available for Bitbucket that will be enabled with Github. 

You can always use the 'send outgoing web request' action with automation in Jira to interact with other third party tools but it will not be native. 

automation in jira.png

Esther Strom Community Leader Apr 27, 2020

Will the devops rules be constrained by the same monthly execution caps (in Standard) as Jira-only rules? Or will they be a separate counter?

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Hi @Esther Strom ,

The DevOps rules are still part of Jira automation so they have the same limits. However, keep in mind that these limits only apply for multi-project and global rules. 

So for example, if you trigger a rule when a PR is created in BitBucket and it transitions an issue to 'In Progress' in your Jira project, this is just a single-project automation rule. These are unlimited. 

If you wanted to use the same rule over lots (or all) projects, that is where there would be limits to consider depending on the plan you are on. 

Hope that helps but let me know if you have any other questions.



Like Jared Murphy likes this

Hi @John McKiernan do the new rules fix the issue of triggers with multiple PRs? There's currently a problem when JIRA transitions issues when any of multiple PRs is merged but not all of them which can give a false positive for the testers that an item can be fully tested now. See for instance.

Like John McKiernan likes this

Hi @Artur.Cybruch ,

Yes these new triggers in Jira's automation engine solve that problem with the old workflow triggers. 

You can simply choose the trigger you want then add a JQL condition checking that there are no open issues. 

Hope that helps!

Any plans to integrate w/AWS CodeCommit?

Like John McKiernan likes this

Hey @josh_kirby ,

At the moment, it's not on the list. However, I have passed your request on to the Product Manager who is going to dig in to it and see what's possible. I'll update you if there is any change. 


Like Megan likes this

Any updates on when a Github rollout would be? I'm wondering whether or not it's worth exploring work arounds for my team vs just waiting for a rollout.

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Hi @Wei_Kong

I would suggest holding on for a few days before investing time exploring workarounds. I should have an update here very very soon about Github! 



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I'll also chip in and say that the work you're putting into this is extremely appreciated from our teams perspective. Having seamless integrations and automated workflows based on those, just takes a load off of our developers in their day to day work.

Hoping for an update, really really soon :)

Like John McKiernan likes this

Hi all, 

I am happy to say we have just rolled out the GitHub integration so you can now automate directly from GitHub to Jira using Jira automation. 

I'll be emailing all automation & Github users at the end of the month to inform about this new feature but in the meantime, seeing as it has literally just rolled out, I would be really keen to hear:

a) How your experience was

b) What kind of use cases you are creating


How it works

It works just like the Bitbucket integration described in the blog above. Go to your automation section, choose your trigger and connect your Git Provider. 


Automation rules - Jira 2020-05-14 11-43-58.png 


Then you can go ahead and connect GitHub. 

DVCS Accounts - Jira 2020-05-14 11-44-42.png 


Happy automating!

@Lars Hansen @Wei_Kong @Taranjeet Singh @Will Lu @Karim Shakirov @Max McDaniel 

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thank you @John McKiernan! going to try it out now

@John McKiernan not seeing GitHub option.  Anything I need to do to have access?  I'm on Jira Cloud.

@Will Lu - it may be that it is still showing as Bitbucket in the trigger description (should change over to Git Provider in next few hours). However, if you click through you should see the ability to integrate with Github on the next step.


Automation rules - Jira 2020-05-14 13-33-00.png

@John McKiernan unfortunately, no option to connect either.


Screen Shot 2020-05-13 at 9.37.08 PM.png

Shilpa Airi Atlassian Team May 13, 2020

@Will Lu Have you already connected GitHub with your Jira instance? If yes, please go ahead and create the rule, that should get executed on specific trigger (PR merge in this case). If not, please follow instructions here for connecting GitHub to your Jira Cloud instance. 

Hope this helps. 


P.S: The text incorrectly includes Bitbucket above, it should be fixed soon. 


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