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Advanced AI Cognitive writing suggestions

José Higino July 22, 2020

I know that in some way there is already some "cognitive" suggestive behavior on atlassian products, but I wonder if that could be elevated to a cognitive "real" scenario of an everyday working situation (as I have previously experienced in the past with a "can't talk about" application).


I am talking about things like:

  1. While writing text anywhere (atlassians products), the text could be evaluated and either automatically (with option to disable/enable) or via a short key, show up suggestions of either tickets/confluence pages, etc related to what we are writing about (but not just a match of text reference). The entire ticket, page or action should be evaluated as well and make context with the suggestion. Then by clicking on that suggested information you would be able to deploy a link to that information in a very quick way.
  2. The search bar could also take advantage of this "mentality" and be able to search context between the text being searched and the remaining "environment" that followed to you start searching.
  3. Use "repetition" of searches (hits) to score what AI considers, more relevant. Also time lost on pages reading the information. There are other "humanized" ways of considering information relevant, but the idea would be to mimic human cognitive behavior in order to best score and present the desirable information.
  4. Google's autocomplete is sometimes also very useful. Not sure what masses think about it, but having an option to enable/disable it, would be nice too, speeding up writing.


The general idea with what I am referring to above, is to allow enterprises that are working with atlassian products (and I am extensively using them myself), to increase productivity and quality of information at the same time.

Many times I need to lose time, checking for that ticket, that is linked the other ticket, and then had a link for that page... I mean, this could be all AI possible to my experience with other non-atlassian products. Also, if I am searching for "car" word on the search bar, but the only thing that exists is caarrr, then I think that result should still pop up in my search, should not?

Share you views and thoughts about this...



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Samie Kaufman - Your Gal at Gliffy
Community Leader
Community Leader
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July 23, 2020

Hi José! 

These are some really cool ideas. As a writer, I always get a little nervous when someone recommends letting a computer do it, but I am finding myself interacting with these "autofill" experiences more and more often. I particularly like your call out about the opportunity to add page/ticket linking suggestions automatically. Even if I was just able to pull up my "recently viewed" pages to select one, that would save me a lot of time when it comes to building out our content.

I've been seeing Google's autocomplete show up in gmail — it's learning how to finish my sentences for me, and it actually feels relatively human and colloquial. It's cool, but creepy, but still cool.

I think the biggest hurdle is the issue of privacy and understanding what data must feed into such a system. I am personally okay with Google paying attention to how I finish sentences, but from a business perspective I understand why that's extremely undesirable. 

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José Higino July 23, 2020

Yes, I understand. This would be something opt-in always, with a disclaimer informing users about privacy in case there is need to consume such information.

Michael Ilewicz April 29, 2022

Hi @José Higino I know this discussion is a little older and is about jira, but I am putting together some plans for a third-party that could go in the direction you are suggesting. Unfortunately, add-ons are limited to certain functionalities so not everything will be possible and also there are some legal limitations regarding content written by artificial intelligence, so a generic autocomplete might be difficult but I am thinking of macros that, for example, would let you generate title ideas based on certain input, summarize text, extract key points, turn text into tables, etc. If this sounds interesting to you, I'd love to hear your expectations and wishes about an AI writing assistant for jira/confluence, maybe we could hop on a quick zoom call?

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