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[Welcome to Atlassian Intelligence] Features now in beta ✨

Please see this post for the latest on Atlassian Intelligence capabilities now available! ➡️


Hi everyone,

I’m Daniella, a Product Marketing Manager, posting on behalf of the Atlassian Intelligence team.

I’m excited to announce that we’re making Atlassian Intelligence beta features available for org admins to activate.

This means that the option to enable Atlassian Intelligence features is now available across Atlassian Cloud sites


How to enable Atlassian Intelligence beta

  1. Go to for Jira products, Confluence and Atlas, or Workspace settings on Bitbucket or Trello.

  2. Locate the Atlassian Intelligence section and the option to Activate.

    1. For those on, you’ll see a list of products in your organization that you can activate Atlassian Intelligence for. Choose as many products as you’d like to activate Atlassian Intelligence for. ℹ️ Only products that have Atlassian Intelligence features available are shown here.

  3. Once enabled, every user on your site will have access to Atlassian Intelligence!

Admin hub AI.png


What are the benefits of Atlassian Intelligence, and how can teams use it?

Below is a list of what’s currently available or coming soon in Atlassian Intelligence.

Note: Features and updates that are “coming soon” will roll out to your sites over the coming weeks and months. Be sure to check back on this post for updates!

Analytics ✨

What?   How admins can use it
  • Translate natural language questions into SQL 
  • Enterprise customers can 
    ask questions to understand and learn the schema of the Atlassian Data Lake
  • These key answers can be used to build charts for use on Atlassian Analytics dashboards

How it looks / Learn how to enable it.

natural language in SQL.png

Jira Software & Jira Work Management ✨

What?  How teams can use it
  • Generate, transform, and summarize content while you’re writing

  • [Jira Software] Use natural language instead of Jira Query Language (JQL) when filtering for issues

  • Generate release notes

  • Write user stories with acceptance criteria

  • Change the tone of your descriptions, comments, and responses to improve communication

  • Summarize your updates or comments and identify action items for a succinct overview

  • Brainstorm updates for user stories, edge cases, or TL;DRs for leadership

  • Brainstorm suggestions to remove a dependency, move work forward, or align on a solution

  • Identify and extract action items from selected content

  • [Jira Software] Easily access issues without needing to know JQL, even across complex criteria 

  • [Jira Software] Better understand JQL, as the JQL translation string will be generated along with your search results

▶️ See it in action / Learn more:

Jira Service Management ✨

What?   How teams can use it
  • AI-powered virtual agent

  • Generate, transform, and summarize content while you’re writing

  • Draft fast responses on tickets

  • Repurpose responses to publish new knowledge base articles

  • Generate responses based on information in your knowledge base

  • Summarize an issue’s activity history for a succinct overview of key points

  • Streamline intent creation using suggested intent templates based on historical ticket data

  • Automate common actions like software access or password resets

▶️ See it in action / Learn more:

Confluence ✨

What?   How teams can use it
  • Generate, transform, and summarize content while you’re writing

  • Ask any question in the search bar and get relevant, contextual answers

  • Turn natural language to SQL in Atlassian Analytics (coming soon)

  • Understand your company’s jargon, products, and acronyms (coming soon)

  • Get a quick summary of the takeways on any page (coming soon)

  • Automate repetitive tasks (coming soon)

  • Make your writing more concise and readable, summarize long-winded content, clean up writing, fix grammar, or change tone, depending on your audience

  • Kickstart creativity by brainstorming ideas for content, or find action items for next steps

  • Search for answers and pages based on the latest information in Confluence

  • Highlight any word, acronym, or phrase and ask AI to explain it and provide context (coming soon)

  • Generate a quick summary of an entire page’s content without needing to spend hours reading (coming soon)

  • Describe a repetitive task to automate in simple terms, and Atlassian Intelligence will create rules to automate it (coming soon)

▶️ See it in action / Learn more:


What?  How teams can use it 
Generate, transform, and summarize content while you’re writing
  • Assist in writing pull request descriptions

  • Generate comments using custom prompts

  • Change the tone of your description and comments to improve communication

▶️ How it looks:

ai in bitbucket pull request.png

Atlas ✨

What?   How teams can use it

Shorten progress updates

Shorten weekly Atlas project updates to make them more concise and clear

▶️ How it looks:

Atlas update AI.png

Trello ✨

 What?  How teams can use it 
Generate, transform, and summarize content while you’re writing
  • Create clear and concise summaries of your ideas, kickstart your creativity, and save time summarizing notes

  • Generate text with custom prompts to create new content or to answer questions

  • Summarize content to improve communication and collaboration across your teams and stakeholders

▶️ Get more guidance in the Trello support article

ai in trello editor.png

Atlassian Intelligence is built for trust

Atlassian takes your privacy seriously, and we work together to handle your data responsibly. Our Privacy Principles and Privacy Policy are applied to Atlassian Intelligence. Additionally, in building, deploying and using Atlassian Intelligence, Atlassian is guided by its Responsible Technology Principles.

As users of our own products, we’re truly building the products and privacy protections we want to work within. Still have questions? Learn even more by visiting our trust center.

How can I share my feedback?

You can ask questions and share feedback in a couple of ways:

  • Share feedback directly in the product when prompted - your 👍 👎 and additional feedback helps us a ton!

  • Comment or ask questions in this post, or ask another question for the group

  • From time to time, we’ll also host AMAs and reach out for feedback in this Community group

As we continue to develop and iron out kinks, we’re eager to hear all you have to say about how you find Atlassian Intelligence features.


The Atlassian Intelligence team



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Yatish Madhav
Rising Star
Rising Star
Rising Stars are recognized for providing high-quality answers to other users. Rising Stars receive a certificate of achievement and are on the path to becoming Community Leaders.
October 3, 2023

Thanks for the article @Daniella Latham  - I do want to look through it in detail since we are able to use this in our instance but have not enabled it as yet until our key admins and power users know how the AI features work and the benefits it provides first.

Really looking forward to it and the developments to it. Thank you

Like Daniella Latham likes this
Cyril Philemon October 3, 2023

Thanks @Daniella Latham for putting this doc together, looking forward to rolling it out to rest of our Org. 
I only have the option to add Atlassian Intelligence to Jira, none of our other applications show up in the list. How can I get AI enabled across the rest of the Atlassian Applications?

Like # people like this
Melissa Miller
Atlassian Team
Atlassian Team members are employees working across the company in a wide variety of roles.
October 4, 2023

@Cyril Philemon can you let us know what other products you were expecting to see and we can trouble shoot?

Cyril Philemon October 5, 2023

@Melissa Miller 

The products showed up in the list late Monday and I was able to activate AI on them. Haven't tested them but I think I am all set at this point. 

Like # people like this
Shazad Shah November 8, 2023


What plans (Standard, Premium or Enterprise) will Intelligence be available for once it leaves Beta?


Like # people like this
Munnir Abdulhamid December 5, 2023

Thanks for the Article @Daniella Latham 

Like Daniella Latham likes this
Matt Reiner _K15t_
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
January 24, 2024

Hey everyone, I know this post is a bit old, but here's an updated look at all you can do with Atlassian Intelligence in Confluence along with a bunch of best practices for your team:

AUG Leaders

Atlassian Community Events