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[HOWTO] Automating access requests for Jira projects

The Problem

As a Jira admin on a large instance, it's common to be inundated with requests from users asking for access to a project. 

This process is filled with inefficiencies – the Jira admin doesn't really know how to handle these requests, so they forward the request to the project lead, asking for their approval.

Once the project lead approves, then the Jira admin has to manually add them to the right group or project role enabling them access to the project. 

The Solution

This process can now be fully automated using the Multiplier app from the Atlassian marketplace.

Multiplier provides post functions to automate commonly used admin tasks such as adding/removing users from groups, adding/removing users from project roles and assigning a project lead as the approver on an issue.

Once you've installed the app, and connected your Atlassian instance by providing your API token, follow the steps outlined below:

1. Create a JSM request type to capture these requests from your users. Make sure you have a field to capture the Jira Project's name. You can either create this manually, or use Multiplier's Portal Fields functionality to auto-populate this.

2. Navigate to the workflows screen, and Edit the workflow that maps to this request type. 

3. If you want to route this request to the Project lead for approval, select the Issue create transition, and add the Multiplier trigger action post function.4. Select Atlassian as the provider on the following screen, and configure the post function to trigger only for the request type we set up in Step 1. 

Select Assign Issue Approver from Project Lead as the action, and map your issue approver field, and the field that contains the Project Name. Make sure you enable the Get Project ID from Name transformation. 

5. Click on Add. This will add the project lead as the approver for these access requests. 

Now, the next thing we need to do is automate adding the user to the right project role or the group to enable access to this project once approval happens.

6. Select the workflow transition that happens when an issue is "approved", and go to the post functions screen again.

7. Configure a new post function, which may look something like the below example:

You can either add the user to a group or to a project role. 

You may have to create a few post functions depending on how many groups/roles you have set up and what projects end users can request. 

8. Click on Add and then don't forget to publish your workflow. 

You've now successfully automated access requests for Jira projects. This workflow can also be used to grant access to other features, such as Confluence Spaces. 


This is just one of the use cases you can automate using Multiplier. To learn about other manual processes you can automate, head over to our docs site

To get started automating, install Multiplier from the Atlassian marketplace.

Good luck automating!



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Ignacio Pulgar May 26, 2022

Hi @Amaresh Ray – Multiplier ,

Thanks for this article. This sounds like a nice solution!

One question: Does it require to have claimed any domains for having the ability to add users to groups through the Multiplier post-function?


Amaresh Ray – Multiplier
Marketplace Partner
Marketplace Partners provide apps and integrations available on the Atlassian Marketplace that extend the power of Atlassian products.
May 26, 2022

Hi @Ignacio Pulgar – no, you don't need to have claimed any domains to add users to groups via Multiplier. Hope this helps!

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