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3 steps to enable different levels of support for different customers in Jira

How to enable different levels of support depending on the customer category?

Support teams are often overloaded, and they have to prioritize tasks. In large-scale companies, customers have different levels. We can have VIP clients, basic ones, or those who, in the future, may bring greater profits, so we can’t allow them to wait too long. It’s natural in the business world, but it can be tricky and messy for a support team to create a high-velocity system. 

This is how you can make it work. 👇

❗️Quick reminder❗️

 SLA – service level agreements.

The time it should take to resolve requests from customers. 

It can be defined for the custom fields or statuses in Jira using JQL. For example, resolution time can be different depending on priority. Criticals should always be faster. 

Imagine that you can define different SLAs for customer support types and define a Support package for each Organization. When the Organization is marked as VIP or advanced  the SLA would be express and shorter than the Basic client, and your Team would know which tickets prioritize. 

It can definitely improve your customer support experience level and affect the relationship with customers. 


How to create SLA based on customer support type? 

With Customer and Organization Management for Jira Service Management and a special post function provided by this app. 

With a combination of our app and post function it is possible to define SLA based on the data from customer / organization views. 

Define fields to describe your customers or organization, and display them on the exclusive views for Customers or Organizations. Agents can edit attributes and define support packages. 

For example the VIP attribute will be displayed in an additional column on the exclusive separate views and agents can define it. 

Frame 33856.png 

This app provides an additional post function named Copy values

Use an additional post function named Copy values. Post function has to be added on Create transition. Copy customer or organization data into a custom field in the workflow. Enable automation to offload your agents.


What does it mean? That you can mark the Organization you want as VIP or basic client in our and then when a person who is marked to the Organization will create a ticket, the VIP field will be automatically fulfilled. Your support team will see the VIP status right in a queue. 

Frame 33857.png


Going step further, you can for example describe an Organization in VIP form as  VIP / Advanced / Basic / and then define for each proper SLA for your support team. 

Frame 33858.png


Let’s define SLA for VIPs marked as VIP with 3 hours to resolution. 

Thanks to the post function, the VIP attribute will appear as a custom field on the issue, and then it is possible to make the SLA dependent on the value of a custom field with JQL.

 Group 2911.png

🐾 3 steps to configure: 

  1. Design a field in app configuration and corresponding field in custom fields. 
  2. Add a proper post function on the Create transition and match fields from app with custom fields. 
  3. Define SLA based on the VIP field with JQL.


This feature is in Customer and Organization Management. Very useful feature with large-scale organization!

Define SLA for each customer category and mark customers in a simple and transparent way. When a ticket from a VIP customer appears, the Support Team will notice it right away.




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