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Jodi LeBlanc Community Leader Dec 18, 2018

I have been an Atlassian Community member for a couple of years now and I absolutely love it. I sure wish this series existed back when I started, as it took me some time to move from lurker to contributor, as I didn't know what I didn't know. I am still learning every day, but fully enjoying the experience - I have learned a tonne, and connected with some amazing people. Here are three things I wish I'd known when I first joined the community:

1) Don't be intimidated by the Atlassian Community login screen stats


Where I am from there is a population of 145,000 people for the whole Island, so seeing those numbers jump out at me when logging into my account for the first time was intimidating, with 2,452,318+ members. As large as the community is, it doesn't feel that large or overwhelming once you dive in. It has a small community feel the way it is structured and organized.


Take advantage of the Welcome Center. This didn't exist when I was a new member, but I wish it did! What a gem of a resource for new members to the community. Think of it as the shallow part of the ocean where we learn to scuba dive before we venture into the rest of the limitless depths. With a manageable number of discussions (300 posts), and a nice size group of individuals (339+) to engage and connect with as you navigate the community. Learning together, in my opinion, is so much more enjoyable. 

The "Welcome Watercooler - say hello" is a great post to get started.

 water cooler.jpg


2) Earn badges for your engagement efforts
As mentioned, when I first joined the community, I looked around and lurked on posts. Then life got busy, and time passed and I still didn't make my first post. What finally worked for me is I scheduled time each day to read an article, comment or like a post, ask and/or respond to a question.

I love the Atlassian Community badges, especially the monthly ones. It helps add an additional incentive to be active in the community if you know you will earn a badge for your efforts. Gamification at its best. Here is a link on "How to earn badges on the Atlassian Community". If you are anything like me, once you earn a few badges, you will want to see your badge collection continue to grow on your user profile.


3) As busy as you are, make time for fun
The community is a fantastic platform to learn from others and find answers that can help you be more efficient and productive in your work, but don't forget to have some fun as well. That's where the community magic happens where you get to know others from all over the world, and find out you have more than one common interest (not just your love of Atlassian products).


Check out the miscellaneous-monday, friday-fun, and off-topic tags to brighten your day and take a little break from your work to recharge your energy.

I look forward to connecting with you all, I hope my tips resonate with you. I wish my time machine was working so I could go back to when I was a new community member and implement all the helpful tips shared by community members and champions the past couple of months for tuesday-tips. This three-things weekly series would have helped me immensely! I hope you will enjoy this community as much as I do.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and cheers to 2019!


Jack Community Leader Dec 18, 2018

@Jodi LeBlanc, thanks for sharing. Some great input for all Community members not just newbies.

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Jodi LeBlanc Community Leader Dec 18, 2018

Thanks for your kind words @Jack - means so much :)

Good article! And I know what you mean about the numbers. They are there to make an impact I imagine. They certainly surprise me as well

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Jodi LeBlanc Community Leader Dec 18, 2018

Thanks Matt, yes I agree, there is some definite shock value/impact with those massive numbers :)

BryanT Community Leader Dec 18, 2018

Great article! Certainly good input for all in the community. Number 3 is important for sure to have some fun while on here!

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Jodi LeBlanc Community Leader Dec 18, 2018

Thanks @BryanT - I try to include some fun in every part of my day, makes such a difference :)

Cassie Community Manager Dec 18, 2018

Thanks for your insight, Jodi! I love reading these tips & tricks as I find them helpful for myself. :)

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Jodi LeBlanc Community Leader Dec 18, 2018

Thanks @Cassie - your kind words means so much :) Glad you found the tips useful!

What a wonderfully written article @Jodi LeBlanc. Really reminds me of when I first started using Community more expansively so I can relate big time!

PS: Have looked up your beautiful island.... what a great flag it has! 🌟🚩🏳
Nice solid Coat of Arms too.🐲🎖

Here's my favourite fact though:
"The backbone of the economy is farming; it produces 25% of Canada's potatoes" 


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Jodi LeBlanc Community Leader Dec 19, 2018

Thanks so much @Andy Barker - TWNKLS AR - you should consider writing one too based on your experience when you first joined :) Love that you looked up my little Island, yes it really is quite beautiful here, especially in summer surrounded by red and white sandy beaches. Yes we love our spuds, and apparently the iron in our red soil is good for their growth!  PEI mussels are also a big industry, almost every restaurant I have been to in Canada serves PEI mussels. LOL that dancing potato should be our Island mascot - so cute :)

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Welcome @Jodi LeBlanc
I would love to write one. It's a tough challenge though. So many great ones already exist, it's hard to say something new !
It sounds awesome... you also have plenty of breweries. Major win in my book!
I love this abbreviation.... PEI. You guys have some great personal branding ! !
PEI mussels just went into the bucket list, as did all the beers your breweries have to offer.
I always eat Mussels with Belgium Fries and Mayo.... what does PEI have to offer in terms of potato fries and condiments!? :oD
I can make you a Dancing Potato picture holding the PEI flag if you like ! ! :oD

Jodi LeBlanc Community Leader Dec 19, 2018

@Andy Barker - TWNKLS AR I agree Andy, there has been so many great tips shared over the few months, I didn't want to duplicate either. I did duplicate the 3rd one "have fun" but tried to give different info on it.

Yes lots of breweries, and the pace of life is lovely. LOL yes the acronym throws people off from time to time.  Awesome, now you have a friend in PEI, if you get to visit let me know and we can meet up for beer, mussels and PEI french fries. Many do chipotle mayo here to dip their fries. McCains and Cavendish Farms fries are the big names, but there are some new organic farmers on the market. You also will need to try cow chips. and Cow's Ice Cream. I would love to see the dancing potato holding the PEI flag, I could submit to Tourism PEI and you may get famous from it! :)

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Great response @Jodi LeBlanc - give me a few days to fully respond please... it'll be worth the wait ! 🤩

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Jodi LeBlanc Community Leader Dec 20, 2018

Sounds perfect Andy, no rush for the dancing potato holding the PEI flag :)

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Jodi LeBlanc Community Leader Dec 27, 2018

Thanks so much for your kind words Nishanth, glad you found this helpful :)

This piece is very helpful not only for new users but also for those who are used to the Atlassian Community. I'm here for more than 3 months already, and your article was a good reminder for me that there's nothing I should be worried about when it comes to the Community. Thanks, @Jodi LeBlanc.

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Hi @klason so wonderful to hear that you found my piece helpful, as a member of more than three months. You brightened my day with your comment.
Happy New Year to you!

This is such a great read! I just joined the Atlassian Community a few days ago and this is definitely a good place to start. I’ve always been content at just being a “lurker” with other online communities, but thought that I should be brave this time around and not let myself be intimidated – that, and the badges are pretty awesome! Thank you @Jodi LeBlanc!

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Jodi LeBlanc Community Leader Mar 21, 2019

@Kristine Garcia thanks for your kind words and welcome to the community! I am glad you are jumping right in and contributing already :) As for badges, check out the March badge, all you need is to get any badge on your profile this month and then post which one you received. Here is the link: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Feedback-Forum-articles/March-monthly-challenge-badge-is-now-live/ba-p/1022382

@Jodi LeBlanc Thank you for sharing, I will check it out! 

Jodi LeBlanc Community Leader Mar 24, 2019

Sounds great @Kristine Garcia - and keep an eye out for April badge - just a week away :)


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