Off Topic Thursday

BillyP Community Leader Nov 15, 2018

Hello Everyone,

Quick poll.  If you stacked all your Atlassian TShirts, would you get a stack over a foot tall?  



Clearly I need to get gear!

BillyP Community Leader Nov 15, 2018

Atlassian gives us shirts to give you.  All we need to do is link up at one of our AUG events and BOOM!  


Matt Doar Community Leader Nov 16, 2018

Make it a yard! I was given my first Jira "Because you've got issues" t-shirt in 2004. At one point I think had the complete set of products including Crowd.

14 years of Atlassian Summits, AUGs, developer days and certification work so far - that's a lot of t-shirts.

But my favorite is still the old Stash one with nested circles of git commands. People always ask me about that one.

BillyP Community Leader Nov 16, 2018

I don't think I've seen that one.  Can you post a pic?

Also, challenge accepted!  

No. Because I don't have ANY Atlassian shirts.


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