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What is the new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework?

What is the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework?

The Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework is a protocol between the United States and the European Commission, making it easy for companies to transfer personal information from EU nations to the U.S. In addition, the protocol provides better privacy protection to limit U.S. intelligence activities involving EU residents' data, thus authorizing access only to limited data to protect national security. 

The Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework not only aims to put in place better privacy protections and to limit U.S. intelligence activities involving EU residents' data but allows EU residents to seek redress through an independent Data Protection Review Court; thus allowing data to flow freely and safely between the EU and U.S. organizations.

By evolving cross-border data flows, this new framework will incorporate a comprehensive digital economy where everyone can partake and in which companies of all sizes from all countries can thrive.

The new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework underscores a shared commitment to privacy, data protection, the rule of law, collective security, and mutual recognition of the importance of trans-Atlantic data flows to citizens, economies, and societies. Data flows are serious to the trans-Atlantic economic relationship and for all companies across all sectors of the economy. In reality, data flows between the United States and Europe more than anywhere else, enabling the $7.1 trillion U.S.-EU economic relationships.

The Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework is a beneficial deal for both parties. Below are some of the benefits this framework offers:

  • Adequate protection of Europeans' data transferred to the U.S., addressing the ruling of the European Court of Justice (Schrems II)

  • Safe and secure data flow

  • Durable and reliable legal basis

  • Competitive digital economy and economic cooperation

  • Continued data flows underpinning €900 billion in cross-border commerce every year




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DWedekind June 21, 2022

Hi Andreas, thanx for sharing this information.

Nestor Vigo July 1, 2022

Hi Andres,

Is there a similar Framework between US and APAC Region?

Please advise.


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