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New Confluence Restore CLI now available in early access program

New Confluence Restore CLI now available in early access program

Hey everyone - excited to announce that we are making the Confluence Restore CLI available today for early access and expanded access to the early access program to those of you that have signed up and been patiently waiting (for those of you newly joined, look out for an email later today that will provide the download link and documentation).

On a high level - Confluence Restore CLI will take your backup generated by the Backup CLI and restore it into cloud fully or partially. The ability to partially restore is functionality that was requested very heavily and we’re excited to provide this capability as the current method of site import is inflexible - only allowing you to do a full overwrite of the instance. You will be able to choose which data to restore if you so choose - users/groups, global data, and which spaces you’d like to restore.

* Note that spaces will currently not be overwritten - if you would like to restore a space that has the same space key as one that already exists on the instance, you will need to delete it first. We are currently investigating the capability to rename the space key upon restore - we would love your additional feedback on how you might want to see this implemented.

As a reminder, this is where we currently are:

  • Confluence Full Backup 

  • Jira Full Backup

  • Confluence Restore  < - - - We are here

  • Jira Restore < - - - Coming up next (Q3 2022)

  • Other features - think APIs, new UI, incremental backup

Also for more discussion on backup and restore specifically - please join this community group:

Below is an additional refresher on how the early access program works and expectations and asks as well as the signup link if this is the first time you’re coming across this:

How the Early Access Program works

I want to emphasize that this early access program includes taking a backup of your data. That backup is human readable and will include all of your data. Please take every precaution necessary to protect your backup on your network.

On the signup form, we ask for a couple of items:

  1. the email address you use to login to your Atlassian product.

  2. The site/sites you will test this against.

  3. What products you have that you would like to test against.

  4. And your current administrative level. This does require you to be a minimum of a Site admin, in order to run the backup.

From there, we will go through and select a number of testers just to start initially, and bring in more as we roll out additional capabilities. We will be selecting a variety of different instance types, in terms of the amount of data you are storing on your site. So we need all types!

If selected, we will email you a link to join our closed EAP community group, where you will have access to the new CLI, documentation, and have a place to ask questions and provide feedback directly to myself and the engineers.

Use this link to signup for early access, which includes reading and acknowledging our early access program disclaimers: 

Expectations and Asks of you

This is a long-running EAP with multiple phases, so we will be asking you to help continuously test as we add additional features. We are looking for really active participants, who are willing to test the functionality, usability, scale, and performance of this new experience. Our hope is to continue building this new experience alongside you.

As we add new features, our hope is that you will download the new versions of the experience, test it out, and provide your feedback, bug reports, and questions. We’ll also want to hear about what you think is missing, and what else you’d like to see from us for each iteration.






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