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App data residency improvements: Forge data residency, reduced migration downtime and more

Over the past year we’ve made a lot of progress on data residency across Atlassian. Thanks to shifts in our infrastructure and ways of working we were able to unlock 8 new regions at a faster rate than ever before. We also expanded product support to Jira Product Discovery and Marketplace apps.

We’re keeping up the momentum with new improvements to increase the number of Marketplace apps that offer data residency, enable data residency for private apps and customizations, and give you more visibility and control over where your app-related data is stored.


Increasing the number of Marketplace apps that offer data residency

Last year we made it possible for developers to support data residency for apps that store data externally. Since then, several Marketplace Partners have opted to offer data residency for their apps, including popular apps like ScriptRunner. This year we’re going a step further to lower the cost and barriers to entry for apps by supporting data residency for app data stored in Forge storage.

With data residency available in all Atlassian-supported regions for Forge hosted storage, it’s now easier than ever for developers to build apps with data residency built in. What’s more, you can build customizations that move and store data in the same locations as the host product.

This doesn’t mean that all apps, or even all Forge apps will support data residency immediately. Apps that are built on Forge but do not use exclusively hosted storage for in-scope data will still need to independently invest in data residency. However, these are the latest advances to make it easier to build enterprise-grade apps and customizations on our Forge development platform.


Improvements to admin experience for app data residency

In addition to increasing the tools at our partners' disposal, we’re also working to bring you more controls and visibility when it comes to app data residency.

Last year we released new app data residency controls in beta, and now these controls are reaching general availability on

With the latest updates to app data residency controls, you can enjoy reduced downtime for app data migration. In some cases, some apps will even move with the underlying product in the same maintenance window.

f9ddd83d-40d1-4e12-9db1-2e64686cc3fa.pngThat means you may be able to move some apps during the same downtime window you’re already using to move your Jira or Confluence data to a new location. Plus, you’ll be able to see more details about the apps installed in your environment, and get notifications throughout the data migration journey.


What do you need to do to benefit from these improvements?

In order to ensure your Data Residency tab is updated with the latest app data residency status in, and to make sure your app performance is maintained, we recommend upgrading your apps. You can do this from the Connected Apps tab in

Upgrading outdated apps will also help ensure apps maintain optimal performance when pinned to your preferred location.


What’s next?

As we continue expanding our data residency offering for products, we’ll be keeping a close eye on our Marketplace to ensure you’re able to store as much of your data as possible in the location you trust.

We’ll continue to find ways to make it easier for third-party developers to build the apps you love in ways that meet your company’s privacy and compliance requirements. This means enabling partners to support the same regions as Atlassian on or slightly behind our timelines, and offering tooling, infrastructure, and educational guides to support partners.

In addition, we’ll keep looking for ways to improve your app administration experience so you can better understand and manage the Marketplace apps in your environment.

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John Funk
Community Leader
Community Leader
Community Leaders are connectors, ambassadors, and mentors. On the online community, they serve as thought leaders, product experts, and moderators.
May 20, 2024

Hi @Sushant Bista - thank you for the article/update - that’s exciting news!

Can you update us on the timeline for bringing data residency to the Middle East? Especially interested in UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia.

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