why doesn't a search return results from list names?

ryan fox I'm New Here Nov 07, 2017


just wondering why list names don't seem to be included within searches. this would be extremely helpful for boards with a lot of lists and also for when you're not sure the exact name of a board but know of a word that is part of the list name, and it makes no sense to me that list names are not included.

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Hi Ryan,

Marta here, from Trello Support.

Thanks so much for your insights, that's a really interesting point! In order to search for a specific list, you'll need to add "List:" first on the search bar, and then add the list's name. You can also find other search operators here: http://help.trello.com/article/808-searching-for-cards-all-boards

I hope that helps!



ryan fox I'm New Here Nov 15, 2017


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