"File not found" when uploading Trello attachments with Zapier

Céline February 22, 2021


I use Zapier a lot for automations and I've been getting issues with Trello recently.

Expected behaviour

When a card is moved to a specific list of the same board, the card attachments automatically upload in Google Drive.


The following error occurs :

The upload file could not be sent to Google Drive. While requesting "attachments" from Trello we ran into an error: The app returned "File not found".

Already tested

  • Running the same action with Integromat (unsuccessfully)
  • Using CloudConvert instead of Google Drive (unsuccessfully)
  • Creating a new card and adding the exact same attachments (it worked but I have no idea why...)

Additional context

  • Attachments are all PDFs added from a computer, so if I'm not mistaken they're actual copies of the files and not links to the documents in their respective locations
  • It was working well in 2020 but I can't recover Zapier logs for last year
  • In 2021 it only worked once out of 5 and I can't figure out why it worked this one time (I can't seem to find any difference that would explain the source of the issue)
  • The upstream process has not changed at all on my end

With these findings it would appear that :

  • The issue comes from Trello
  • The size and format of the attachments are not at cause

Any ideas?

Thanks all!

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Juergen B_ June 23, 2023

Same here, the issue persists, @Céline or @Xavier did you ever solve this? I would be so grateful...

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Xavier March 22, 2023

Have the same exact issue, did you find a solution?

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