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Hi, I often have missing notification badges among myself and my colleagues. Is anyone else facing the same? This resulted in us not knowing when someone replied unless we go and click activities all the time.


As a matter of fact, as I work with 2 browser tabs opened at the same time I could see them side by side that the bell icons (attached image) are visible on one browser but not the other browser window. 

I'm using edge for both. I refreshed the one without the icons. I tried switching to chrome which I also tried logging out and then in, still no badge icon. 

trello 2.pngtrello1.png

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wonder if open sourced "trello" has the same issues? perhaps need to switch if problem persist

Same issue. Very annoying.

The notifications do show correctly in the modal window when clicking on the notification icon in the top right of the screen, but mostly don't show (or don't show for all notified cards) on each of the cards themselves.

When tapping the blue dot in the modal window (to mark as read) and then tapping again (to set it as unread) does then update the card itself to add the notification, but that's a real pain and defeats the point.

The notifications in the top right and modal window has it's use, but so does having the notification on the individual cards in the main kanban view. I'd say the latter (notification on the individual cards in the main kanban view) is the more important as it's often helpful to be able to scan the board and see what you want to then interact with as you get more context and a better sense of everything in the board.

As an aside, I also find it annoying that you can't set the notification to display again directly on the card after clicking to open the card modal, but at least having the notification icon consistently displaying on individual cards when there is one, would be the most helpful fix.

This has been happening for a long time, but it seems to have got even worse (showing up even less often) in the last couple of months.

same problem.  


Was work well for years.


it will be time to switch :)

When we keep board open == Red tag can be well see.

When log off and re log = can't see anymore


Cache problem? Come on trello IT team !!!

I believe I just found an answer here: https://community.atlassian.com/t5/Trello-questions/Red-bell-notification/qaq-p/2227793

Although I don't like it...

I noticed that since around a week ago the red bell icon stopped appearing for every updated card. Sometimes it appears, sometimes it doesn't. It became unreliable and we have to look at the activity history on the rhs bar...

In your screenshot, it doesn't look like you are a member of the cards.  I believe for notifications to work, you must either be a member of the card or be watching the card.  You can also watch the entire lane if that makes more sense.   Can you try that and see if it solves it?

hi but that assumption don't make sense. I receive icons on the other browser (both edge just 2 tabs)


anyway I'm watching the entire board

Hey Daniel,


Did you found solution?

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