Why can't I paste screenshots onto cards anymore?

Logan Brann June 18, 2023

Has anyone else had this issue?

In the past you could screenshot using the windows snipping tool, then paste onto a trello card and it would display as an image and as an attachment.

This no longer works as of this morning. 

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thiy pasqthie June 21, 2023

Now it is working fine again, please check.. You can use copy & paste

Stephen Brown June 22, 2023

Confirmed working for me, too now.  Thanks for letting us know :) 

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Pioneer June 20, 2023

Just like the OP I am having no luck pasting screenshots into trello cards, albeit having done so for many months recently. PLEASE fix this issue- it's likely in the aftermath of the AWS outage. This is an enormous quality issue that affects our workflow on Trello and gets in the way of team collaboration.

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Linda - Beyond Signs June 20, 2023

Same here...quite annoying

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Stephen Brown June 20, 2023

I also came here looking for the fix or some more information as. like others have said, it just stopped working from one day to the next.  The only way is to save a screenshot as an image file and then upload it like an attachment.  Trello used to be super quick with the ability to paste snips out of the clipboard.

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Jocelyn Mireles June 19, 2023

I am also experience this same issue, while my colleagues can still use this method just fine on the same boards and cards. 


Using windows 11 & Google Chrome



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Mataya June 19, 2023

I am having the same issue and looking for a solution. We often screenshot information from emails to put in Trello. It's incredibly cumbersome to have to save the screenshot in the preferred format first. I hope they correct this! 

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thiy pasqthie June 21, 2023

A few months ago the same problem happened and a few days later it was ok.

 Now, it is coming back again but there is another way to add a screenshot.

Instead of “copy/paste”, we can use the icon “image” in the description box.

And we can select the image among the “Recently uploaded” where we should find the last screenshot.

We can also select it as a cover.

If we cannot see the last screenshot we can press the window "key + V" and select the last screenshot.

Mataya June 21, 2023

This workaround is very helpful. Thank you!!

Linda - Beyond Signs June 21, 2023

I still get the error message. The window key + V did bring up the recent clipboard but when I selected it, I still received the error.  Am I missing something?

Mataya June 21, 2023

Hi Linda, what I had to do was take a screen shot and then click the image icon, as Thiy suggested. When the select image box came up, that is when I paste (ctrl + v). Then you can just close out of the select image box and you should see your image there. I hope this helps! trello issue.pngctr v.png

Linda - Beyond Signs June 21, 2023

Weird as is sounds, if I do it twice in a row it works...? First I get the error, then I do it again and it pastes...thanks for the tips, my whole board is nothing but pasted logos and project images!

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Blake Penson June 21, 2023

Me too. its stopped me in my tracks as I use clipboard for almost every card

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