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Hi there

I'm playing around with the search operators in Trello to optimize my workflow.

My current search string: 

@me is:open -list:done -list:icebox -list:blocked

A few question:

  • The search operator 'list' is not documented, but still works. Why?
  • Can I sort my search results, say sort:asc or similar?
  • Can I use operators like OR or AND? I works with the list operator as above, but I cannot make it work with the comment operator.
  • Can I use the 'subscribed' feature in my search string?
  • Can I limit my above search string to only search in a specific team (not board)?



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Hi Kenneth,

Marta here from Trello Support. Thanks for your questions!

  • Sorry, I'm not really sure I understand what you mean by the "list" operator not being documented? It does appear in our article, right underneath "board:id". Is that what you're referring to?
  • Results sorting is not available at the moment. Right now, they're sorted by last day of addition, so from newest to oldest cards
  • Right now that's not available. I'll share your interest in that to my team though!
  • You can search cards that you've added yourself to, but not cards you're subscribed to.
  • That's currently not available either, I'll share that with my team as well!

So, yes, the search function can definitely be improved and I'll pass your comments to my team so they can take them into account, thanks so much for your insights!



Hi there,

Sorry - you're right. List function is documented! My bad.

Thank you for your reply, I'm looking forward to the teams efforts to improve Trello.


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