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Urgent request for powerup help

I made a powerup per this website:


It is EXACTLY what I need but I can't get it to work. I think the problem is that it says I need to authorize the app but Trello has never asked me to do that. It says that I should be able to go in and edit the settings for the app to configure it with the templates but it's not there anywhere. So basically I'm having problems with steps 3 and 4. Please help! I need to try to get this going by Monday if possible. :( 

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Iain Dooley Community Leader Jan 19, 2019

@Gabrielle Yoder hey there, I've never used this project, but I have used the project on which they based their work from Little Blue Monkey.

In fact, the same "Pimp Your Trello Cards" script was the inspiration for Trellinator which is an all purpose Trello bot framework written in Google Apps Script.

It has some advantages over the linked power up anyway, but the biggest advantage is that I could get it working for you by tomorrow :)

So while I can't really help with your original query I can help you achieve the same outcome in what is probably a more robust/reliable fashion so long as you're running G-Suite where we can install the Google Apps Script.

You can see a video of Trellinator in action for a sales/production process that demonstrates basically what you're looking for here:

You can see a "quick start" guide to installing your own Trellinator bot here:

The code to move a card when a checklist is completed and add a template based on list name is basicaly the code I use in the demo video, so once you get the above setup completed I can just give you that code to install and it should all "Just Work(TM)".

I'm also available later today to help you out if there are any stumbling blocks.

For some reason I did NOT receive email notifications for this like I was supposed to this weekend! But I'm reading it now and it looks like it will work. I'm going to try installing this now to see if it will do what I need it to do. I appreciate your help! Thanks!

Iain Dooley Community Leader Jan 21, 2019

@Gabrielle Yoder cool, once you get the PoC installed, let me know and I can give you the code that's used in the demo video. You should just be able to copy/paste it into your project and add the function names to the relevant board config sheets in Trellinator and have it "Just Work(TM)" but I can help you out to get it running

@Iain Dooley I got all of this set up and it works great! A trifle complicated for someone who stopped building websites in 2003 but I got it in there just now.  :D I can't remember much javascript but it must be floating in there somewhere.

So what I'm looking to do is have all of the work to be done including all columns pushed through from google sheets to trello and turn each row into a card that has all of the info, etc.

Then each card that gets moved a certain list needs a checklist to pop up on it that can be worked through. It would be awesome that if when that checklist is complete that it automatically pops over to the next list! If not, just that when it goes to the next list it gets a checklist as well. 

The last thing that seems actually attainable now is that I need to see how many cards or checklist items are being processed by each person per hour or per day so I can set up a KPI. 

I feel like Trello should work for this but automation makes everything awesome. Any help from you I appreciate and I'll watch this page for updates. 

I understand that I may need to use a zap for getting things onto the boards as cards but maybe this has that functionality already?

Iain Dooley Community Leader Jan 21, 2019

@Gabrielle Yoder Okay now that you have Trellinator installed, you can copy and paste this code into the same spot where you installed the code during the "hello world" setup:

Then on any board where you want this behaviour, just put the function names:



For example here are those 2 commands installed on my enterprise demo board:

2019-01-22 at 11.41 am.png

If you wanted to install these commands for any board Trellinator is a member of you could also put them in the Global Commands tab (I won't go into more detail than that right now but there is a "global command group" feature that allows you to install the behaviour for a group of boards, too).

Don't forget that when you add the new code you need to publish -> deploy as web app with a new project version before it will start working.

For the initial import and KPI reporting, that's beyond the scope of what I can help you with here, but either:

1) you can hire someone on Upwork, give them the "extended hello world" instructions and then pay them to write the code for you OR;

2) You can click the link in my profile and I can quote you on development (all details on the page)

Thanks, @Iain Dooley. I see it's functioning so that if I finish marking off a checklist item it automatically moves to the next board but how can I get it to automatically add the right checklist? I have a template column on the board but I can't figure out how to get it to do that. The rest like importing them onto the board I've got taken care of. Now I just need them to pop up with the right checklist when they are moved to certain lists. :) I appreciate all of your help. If I could I'd just hire you to do all of this but I'm trying to keep a tight bottom line for my client. 

Iain Dooley Community Leader Jan 22, 2019

@Gabrielle Yoder no worries glad to hear it's installed, the code looks for a checklist with the same name as the list on a card called "Checklist Templates" in list "Info" -- capitalisation is important.

Like Gabrielle Yoder likes this

@Iain Dooley so I got that part (thank you so much!) but how does the checklist know when to pop up? I'm putting a test card in and moving around but it's not going where it needs to go when I move it (the checklists).

Iain Dooley Community Leader Jan 22, 2019

@Gabrielle Yoder the checklist pops up when a card is moved to a list, so if it's not working either:

1) The function name addChecklistBasedOnList isn't present in the board configuration as shown in my screenshot above OR;

2) The checklist name doesn't match the list name identically (case sensitive) OR;

3) The list isn't called "Info" (case sensitive) OR;

4) The card isn't called "Checklist Templates" (case sensitive) OR;

5) something else entirely!

If you look in the tab "ExecutionQueue" in the Trellinator spreadsheet, if you can find the text "addChecklistBasedOnList" then that means it's option 5) above, but if you can't see the text addChecklistBasedOnList in the ExecutionQueue tab of the Trellinator sheet, then it's one of the setup/configuration issues listed above

Iain Dooley Community Leader Jan 22, 2019

@Gabrielle Yoder here's a board I just set up and installed this functionality on:

You can see that I created a card, the List one checklist was added, then I completed it, the card moved to List two which triggered the code to add the List two checklist.

You can look at how the checklist template card are set up on that board to see what I mean, and I've also posted a screenshot showing the trellinator configuration sheet

@Iain Dooleyso I checked and it's not option 5 but something isn't working just yet. I'm putting in some screenshots. I've looked at everything but maybe you see the problem. 


2019-01-23 (2).png2019-01-23.png2019-01-23 (1).png

Iain Dooley Community Leader Jan 23, 2019

@Gabrielle Yoder you have checklists called "SEO Checklist" and "Editing Checklist", but you have lists called "To Do", "Doing", "Done".

The names of the lists need to match the names of the checklists.

So for example if you have a list called "SEO" and a checklist on the templates card called "SEO" it will work.

You can see an example here:

@Iain Dooley ooooooh! Okay. I was wondering how those would match up. It was a big question I had on how it would know to put what where. That knocks out two in one right there. It's working now. 

So to just create a new board or rename the one I have do I do the process all over again or do I just create a board and it knows what to do?

Iain Dooley Community Leader Jan 24, 2019

@Gabrielle Yoder glad to hear it!

If you edit the name of the board, Trellinator will update the name of the configuration sheet.

If you invite Trellinator to another board, it will create a new configuration sheet, and you can just chuck those two function names in there to enable the functionality on that board.

You can also put those function names in "Global Commands" and it will automatically add that behaviour on any board you invite Trellinator to.

As an extension topic you can also have "Global Command Groups" where certain types of boards all have shared behaviour, that's mostly for use when you're using Trellinator to automatically create a board; for example if you had a project board template and you used Trellinator to copy the template for each new project you set up, you might like each of those project boards to have a set of behaviour and you would add each one to a "Projects" global command group for example.

Anyhoo, if this has resolved your issue can you please mark the answer as accepted? It's the only form of validation I have in an otherwise bleak and lonely existence.

Sorry to harass you so much but you have made my life a lot easier. We were going to use Zapier to integrate google sheets to Trello in order to make rows we put there into cards that then automate with the fun checklists. However I looked at your site again and at the average rates ($50-200 for real?) for you to do it. Can you email me a quote to set that up for us as well as to troubleshoot and review what I've done? I now have a kink where I messed something up and it's duplicating the checklist hahaha. Thanks, Iain!

Iain Dooley Community Leader Jan 24, 2019

@Gabrielle Yoder no worries, I'm always happy to be harassed with offers of paid work ;)

Potentially if it's duplicating the checklist you've got the function name in the configuration sheet twice. Trellinator will loop through and call each function named there so if the same thing appears twice it'll just get executed twice.

That goes also if the same thing appears in global commands and in the individual board configuration sheet, it won't deduplicate (because there are cases where you would actually want that to happen).

And yes those costs are for real. Trellinator is insanely powerful so I can write complex business systems ridiculously cheaply. I'll send you an email now.

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