Trello's API, 'deleteCheckItem' action ?


I can't find any "actions" API request that returns a 'deleteCheckItem' action. I tried '/boards/[id]/actions', '/cards/[id]/actions', I also tried '/checklists/[id]/checkItems' and some others.

Nothing returns any 'deleteCheckItem' action. Am I looking at the wrong place ?

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Oscar Triscon Community Champion Apr 07, 2017

Certain action types are not returned by the Trello API. deleteCheckItem is one of them.

Further explanation and complete reference is available here:

Well, I actually read the excluded action types list too fast...

Thanks for that fast answer.

And, is there any way to have a list of deleted checkItems ? Like it is possible for checklists and cards ?

Oscar Triscon Community Champion Apr 07, 2017

As far as I know, you can't retrieve a list of deleted checkItems. At least not after the fact.

You can register a webhook that gathers and stores this information, but this requires a server and your own storage.

Okay, thank you again. 

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