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Stop Trello from replacing a URL in a card comment into a page title

When I type a URL into a comment or description on a card, Trello has recently started to replace the URL with the title of the page that I am linking to and the favicon of the page. This is extremely annoying as I can no longer, for example, add a list of URLs in a comment without them being changed and the person who is reading it has to then click on each one to find out the URL.

Is there any way to turn this off?

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This is an extremely annoying function on Trello. We work with several SEO projects that we need to share with the team a road map with Backlinks and Anchor text for Link-building initiatives and it's not possible to copy and past the card info to our daily activities... Please, remove this :)


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Commenting here for visibility since this is the top answer.

I made a free browser extension called the Link Preserver for Trello for both Chrome and Firebox which prevents Trello from unfurling your URLs in card descriptions, comments, and checklist items:

I hope this helps! ❤️

If you like what you see, check out my other Power-Ups at 🥳

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Romain P_ I'm New Here Oct 28, 2021

Thanks, but to me it is not a solution

1/ I can install your plugin myself, but I don't control other people's browser in my organisation

2/ I'm reluctant to add plugins to fix a core Trello issue (it's not a feature, it would be if it was on Facebook).

Add me to the list of paying customers that need an option to turn this off. I use Trello to manage web development projects. Seeing the URLs (as we had been able to for years) is key, it's what we expect, and this "unfurling" of the URLs is actually getting in the way of productivity. 

We speak in URLs. The furling or unfurling (I'm not sure which direction we furl) serves no useful purpose for me or my team.

It does appear that this is a web based "feature". Some colleagues on the app aren't having this issue.

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Strongly agree, it just obscures the useful info with useless "Website Title".

Please at least allow to choose if we want this or not!

I agree

Ok. Here's another working example of an issue with the unfurling of URLs. I run a Web Development agency, so we live in URLs. I get a comment like this:



This is actually a great example, because we get 2 issues out of it.

The first issue is that what we're talking about here is A/B tests, each of the URLs are "variants" -- meaning they'll have a -2, -b, -video, etc.. appended to the URL. That is important to see during the course of our every day work. As you can see, unfurling to the Title does me no good.. from my perspective, it's just noise and this comment means nothing to me simply by looking at it (what's important here is the URL -- that's why we paste them in, lol).

The second issue, is that I need to copy and paste this comment across boards. Since this comment is not mine, I do not have access to the unfurled URL. So, when I copy this comment over into another board/card, this is what I'm looking at:


So you see that what I'm pasting is the unfurled title. I lose the URLs. So, this comment that I needed to copy over is essentially useless. Basically, to recreate I need to right click and copy URL and rebuild the comment. This is not efficient as you would obviously understand.


So, there are VERY good reasons for allowing Trello users to deacitivate the unfurling of URLs. As time permits (things are very busy these days), I can drop in additional examples of why this new unfurling feature is just not working for many of us (probably anybody in the technical field). 

Holy moly. This is the PREFECT use case for rolling it back or making it optional.

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Oh, wow, this is awful.

Same here, this new feature greatly complicates our work as we need to see the URL in full. Please, make at least a switch to the settings.

Please also add me to the list of trello users who are super annoyed about this.

All the arguments are already mentioned in the thread. I think this needs to be a switchable option!

I hope this will swiftly get attention of the developers before many are forced to move away from Trello.

SAME!! This is so annoying and slowed down my work significantly!

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👋 I just released a free Chrome Extension that prevents Trello from unfurling your links in card comments, descriptions, and checklist items.

Check it out here:

I hope this helps! ❤️

If you like what you see, check out my other Power-Ups at 🙂


But I guess it helps only in displaying the links - it doesn't prevent Trello from visiting the URLs (to read their titles), does it

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Trello unfurls links only on the client-side so that's why it doesn't do it on the mobile apps.

This extension actually blocks requests to their "smart link" unfurling service so to answer your question; yes it does prevent Trello/Atlassian from visiting the URLs. 

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That's great then.

Pity I'm using Firefox...

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Oh, no worries! I gotchu! I built this extension using the generic Web Extension API so I can release a Firefox version of it.

I'll get right on that after work today! I'll circle back when it's released - it might take a few days though since there's usually a review process.

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That would be awesome!

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Adam, this is simply the best!!! I will be introducing your company's power-ups to our higher-ups to look at implementing to our boards. The external share and approval power-up. *KISS* Brilliant stuff!

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Yes! Thank you so much!

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Eternally thankful for this!!!!

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Thank you Adam! It works perfectly. My entire team thanks you!

It's sad though that Trello/Atlassian has forced this to be the solution.

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@Adam CaoWorks like a charm. Thanks a ton!

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@Adam Caothis is great, any chance to make a powerup version of it for the desktop app?

Hi @Lukasz Sanek, unfortunately, we can't get this functionality with a Power-Up 😔

To everyone here, it appears Trello isn't paying attention to this thread. In another thread a community leader made the following suggestion:

It may be something worth raising with Trello Support directly as they could potentially look at making it an editable feature. You can raise a support ticket, upload screenshots, description etc here >>

I would suggest if everyone here contacted support about this issue, it might make our case stronger.


Edit: This is the reply I received:

Hi Jordie,

Thanks for reaching out!

Yes, we've seen that thread, and others too, and we hear you. We know there are a good number of use cases where this doesn't make sense. I know this change has been polarizing, but we're definitely listening, and I'll add your voice to our internal request to revisit this.

For some context, Trello has always been a primarily visual tool, so the change was meant to align with that; we feel that most people are more concerned with what the link leads to, rather than the content of the link itself, the URL. Of course, that's not true for everyone; Trello as a platform is also fairly committed to not providing too many "settings", so I'm not sure it's likely that we'll let the feature be toggled on or off, but that may be an ultimate solution, for sure. That's a purposeful design choice that we settle on certain choices that work for the most people to overall reduce complexity and variability in experiences between people.

I know you've seen our workarounds, so I don't want to rehash those here, but rest assured, I'll bring up your concerns with our team for consideration!

Let us know if there's anything else we can help with, and have a great weekend.

great ideia >> done

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@Jordie Bodlay you mentioned, "In another thread a community leader made the following suggestion". Do you have a link to that thread by any chance?

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Also done, support ticket number TRELLO-72436.

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Thank you so much!

Yes, Atlassian. Please let us users turn this off.

Trello executes a visit to every URL included to parse the website title.
Some URLs shouldn't be visited at all, yet Trello does this on its own.

I'm surprised that such "feature" has been implemented as turned on by default and without the option to turn it off.

what the hell did you guys do? This is an extremely annoying function on Trello.



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This has been going on since March but now it's really getting annoying. 

It should be easy enough to turn off smart links just like you can turn suggestions On or Off, right?  

Until there is a choice, please REMOVE it the same way you ADDED it.  There are security issues that I don't have time to go into but that alone should make you DO SOMETHING already.


EDIT:  Removing the http:// or https:// or just using // will render the URL in clickable text in the comments like it used to.  

not good for dev ou seo purposes, you still want the link and somethimes U need to see if the link is http or https 

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Why is it so difficult to provide the option that can turn off this annoying function?

It is not difficult to reverse the obvious blunder.  But, in order to do that someone has to admit their mistake and correct it. 

Power tripping is causing a lot of grief for nothing.  Just change it back or give everyone an option, a choice.  Control freak! 


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It certainly does seem like a lot of ego tripping, refusing to make changes that users want and reverse changes that actively harm their workflows. *smh*

Just ran into this issue this morning and thought, wait there's no way a product that executes scrum so well for technology companies isn't allowing us to keep urls in plain text. A short google later and here I am.


You must make this a toggleable feature (or even remove it all together!) or my team will be forced to switch products, which will also coincidently make me look bad to my bosses. Please don't make me look bad. ;)

Does any business owner (boss) really want to pay anyone to do this unnecessary searching to find answers for something you didn't even know about or sign up for??

I don't think so.  Forcing users to change products and waste time is not helping anyone.

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Same here for all of my team.

At least on Atlasian JIRA you can click on it change it back to Display URL rather than Display inline. But even there it's annoying as the default should be Display URL. 

But on Trello, it's really an issue so please consider making it a choice on preference rather than just changing all our links. 

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Morgan Wang Atlassian Team May 06, 2021

Hi there!

Thank you for submitting feedback and sorry that this has caused you inconvenience.

Unfortunately, there is no way to turn this feature off. However, there are 2 workarounds to show a full URL and stop it from unfurling:

1. You can remove https:// from the front of your URL e.g. will become

2. You can add back ticks ` to the beginning and end of your links to show the full URL as I have done with the youtube link. Unfortunately though, these links will no longer be clickable.



image (1).png


Hope this helps!


Thanks, this does help, but an option to turn the feature off or on would be great!

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We 1000+ cards with links - and now we need to change each URL to see real links?


Please, make this feature switchable! 

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I would really appreciate a switching feature like this!

We have so many links, and now we need to visit them to see what it is about. 

Backtics does not work for us because there are many tools that insert the links, we have no control over that.

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Please please disable this feature. My cards have gone from having useful information to having BLUE TEXT with text like "Home Page" and "Log in". It's like auto translating my text into Chinese, a great idea, but completely useless to me.

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Please just add the ability to disable this. Makes trello painful to use for web developers now.

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This solution is a hack and a waste of time, please disable this crap!

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Hi @Morgan Wang ,

This does not help unfortunately. Can you please raise this as a problem with the appropriate team and reply back here confirming the status of the ability to turn off this change?

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This was reported on May 6th. It is now mid-Aug.

Please roll back this "feature" nobody asked for. Or make it configurable!

How much feedback do you need that it's messing with people's workflows?

I am so agraviated that I am forced to deal with this, everyday. I have been the one defending Trello when my team leader wanted to move away. No more! I am happy to move away from this because:

1 - It brings my browser to its knees (which I was willing to tolerate).

2 - Nobody listens.

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@ Trello Ask yourself this: Do you rather have `N` happy users, or do you want to make `N*0.9` users even more happy and lose `N*0.1` disgruntled users in the progress?

Also realize that most of the users are probably developers who care more about functionality and the site being fast, than some bling.

This is horrible UX.

I agree. Please don't convert URLs.

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I've been patiently waiting for a way to disable URL unfurling since it was first rolled out on Trello, but my patience is wearing thin.

Recently I almost blew my stack trying to infer what URLs clients were sending me, so I posted some use cases where URL unfurling causes issues.

For the love of web developers everywhere, please provide a way to disable URL unfurling on a per-board basis, and soon!

Thanks much.

100% agree that this should be a feature to turn off of business accounts. We post URLs all the time within comments and checklists and having them shorten doesn't help us AT ALL. How are we to know that the 2 links here are actually 2 different links (they are). Please Trello, listen to your customers!!! Screen Shot 2021-07-29 at 10.32.35 AM.png

this is the worst feature ever introduced and it is very annoying to the point that we are thinking of moving away from Trello completely.

The ability to see actual page url is CRUCIAL to what we do on every day basis, when there's like couple of different variants of the page depending on query string to show/share different "debug" features of the url, when there's a list of pretty mush the same pages, you get ugly list with *exactly the same titles* and there's no way of knowing what's the difference. This is just slowing the overall process.

Noone seems to be pointing that to get all the titles and favicons and things like that you're actually increasing everyone's traffic and doing extra requests. 

Why would anyone do this, there's zero value in this feature. The one who even suggested this should've been fired as they obviously don't use Trello themselves at all if such thoughts even coming to their minds.

Please disable this completely **or** add an ability to disable it per-account.

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I agree, this new 'feature' has made it very difficult to use Trello now. I constantly copy from one card to another. Now in order to copy a link, I have to click EDIT on the card, then copy and then cancel the edit. If someone else pasted the link, forget it. I have to click the link, copy the URL and then paste it. Huge waste of time from a productivity viewpoint.

I would love to know what the benefit of this is? How does this 'feature' help anyone?

+1 Please provide a toggle

I agree with others, this feature needs to be able to be turned off. 

I often provide multiple links for my team on cards that need to be visible because of the UTM tags; I'm not providing the link simply for them to be able to navigate to a URL. They need to be able to see the difference in the URLs. This is especially important for team members who aren't as well-versed in the details of SEO, tracking, etc as my team is. 

If it's not able to switch on/off, please consider turning it off altogether until switching is available. 

Please remove this. It's causing havoc with my clients. They're used to seeing links in cards, and now query why I haven't posted the expected links.

My boards are mostly for activity, task and bug management, and are used by non-technical clients. Clickable links make sense to them. Neither the pictorialised renditions of those links or unclickable "code" links in backticks do.

This is a nonsense that adds nothing to Trello's usability.

Just a few hours after posting about this bug (and from every user perspective, it is a bug), I now have my largest client asking if we can move to another system because links are now obfuscated in this way.

Dammit. I thought we had it nailed when we moved to Trello.

I could suggest they put links into documents and attach them but ... really, what's the point of using Trello at all if we have to do that?

I'm working in a web dev environment with multiple groups of clients who are not especially tech savvy. Just getting them to copy URLs from browser location bars has required training. Now there's often no point them doing that, as URL parameters are no longer readily visible, and they're often at the heart of the issues being discussed.

I understand no organisation likes to admit they're wrong but, Atlassian, this was an ill-considered move that either needs to be rolled back or made optional.

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Celeste I'm New Here Jul 27, 2021

Adding another voice to this discussion. This feature is very disruptive for a web development or marketing workflow. Our team regularly needs to copy URLs between platforms. With URL unfurling we need to open the page in a new browser window and copy the link from the URL field. Leaving off https doesn't help us when copying and pasting links. Some team members need to be able to link to the page, so adding the tick marks to remove the link also does not help us. The old method of displaying the URL with a link covered all bases and is the standard way most apps display links. Why remove it?

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vsespb I'm New Here Jul 26, 2021

Awful feature. It's the biggest problem in Trello for me, that I cannot disable this behaviour. For me, and for URLs that I work with, in 95% of cases URL give more info and preferred, and titles are useless and misleading.

vsespb I'm New Here Jul 26, 2021

I submited ticket TRELLO-72723

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Yes, please make this an optional feature that can be turned off - across workspaces or based on user settings.

URGENT. Please. Thank you.

Trello, Are you even listening? Please add an option for us to at least disable it. It's not a smart link but a dumb link feature. Annoying for digital agencies.

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