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I'm new to trello and have the following question: I made a list in which all cards are the same, except for their title,due date and members. It's a weekly reoccuring event so I created a template and then for each new card, copied the template, changed the name, added a due date and the members. The template and thus also all other cards contain a checklist. Now I've made some changes to the template-checklist. Is there a way of simultaneously editing all other cards? For all cards, the changes are the same and I would like to avoid having to do that manually. This would be very helpful as I'm constantly improving and adapting the template and changing the other cards manually each time will become very annoying at some point.

Thanks :)


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Steven Grady Atlassian Team Apr 11, 2017

Hey Daniel!

There's not a native way to edit multiple cards at once, but there's a Chrome extension you might be interested in:

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