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Guddu I'm New Here Dec 25, 2017

Hi, I am about to use Trello for my personal and work. And I have some queries:

1) How secure and private are my confidential notes in Trello?

2) Can any Trello employee access and see my confidential notes? I know people can see my boards and notes only if I give access to them but here I am talking about trello employees.

3) Is there any way to prevent trello from auto-saving into the cloud and make trello to save the notes on my PC?

Thanks in advance.


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1) They're protected by password, so they're as secure as any other ssl cloud system using passwords are, but see the rest of the answers

2) Support can become administrators and get into them.

3) Trello is essentially a Cloud system.  The whole point is that is saves into the Cloud

The Trello Support team can not become administrators and access any board data. We have access to some very basic metadata, like the number of boards, and number of cards on a board, but absolutely no private information.


When submitting a request for help from the support team, you can grant temporary access to your account to help us diagnose any problems, but that must be granted for us to have any access at all, and that access can be revoked at any time.

Guddu I'm New Here Dec 26, 2017

@Michael Labrecque-Jessen Thank you so much for the correct info. I was worried that how can anyone and even the trello support team can just become administrators and "see and access" my notes and stuff. I am glad you cleared that out. I was literally thinking how could it be haha.

I can now use Trello peacefully :)

One more thing, for granting the access, I would be given a hyperlink to click on for granting the access to the support team if I require any sort of technical help right?

Thanks in advance.

When you use the Contact form to reach out, there's a checkbox that you can use to grant or deny account access.


Sometimes, the team might ask for access during a support conversation if that access wasn't previously granted, and in that case, that's done via a hyperlink, yes.

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