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My labels turned pastel, how do I change it back?! I HATE THIS!!!!!!



The labels help me identify cards and their status' at a glance for the 30 plus projects I'm working on simultaneously... the bold colors are easy to differentiate, even when the labels are collapsed.

The pastels, while aesthetically lovely, are difficult to differentiate at a glance when collapsed; when expanded, the addition of the darker dot on the pastel background with white lettering is so visually cluttered I can't filter through to what I need.

I want to change my boards back to pre-update. How do I do this?

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Came here to post this and figured it would already be the top post. I was not disappointed. Atlassian, for the love of god, revert this change, or at least make it a toggle. The new pastels are so close to each other it's harder to visually distinguish. What's next, getting rid of colored labels altogether?

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jvd I'm New Here Sep 13, 2022

In my opinion, the bold labels made Trello stand apart from the competition. I know Trello has a lot of great features - but the labels were pretty up there for me!

As well as the new colours, the strange textures / patterns add to the cognitive overload and cause the label to get completely lost in everything else going on in the board.

I agree that we need some more colours! However surely there's a wide range of bolder colours to choose from?

Is this update set in stone? Do we have any option to vote on pastels vs bold as a Trello community? 

I'm with Kate on this one - I hate this!

The new labels stink. They are a downgrade. They are harder to see. Please re-evaluate the color scheme. I think its awesome to have more colors but make the labels more prominent or something. Go back to the way the full color was visible on the label. The pastel is 🤢

I just wanted to express the same feeling, the new colors are terrible.

The new washout colors make working with Trello much harder.

The problem is that this change is yet another step in the wrong direction, Trello was a GREAT product but it seems lately it is starting to break apart one design decision at a time.

More colors: Good

Pastel (pale) colors: Bad

Where are the flashy options?



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Também não gostei!

Gostaria muito que voltasse como era antes!

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im sorry but this feature was a differential among other apps, sorry guys, notion wins.

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Brittany Joiner Community Leader Sep 13, 2022

@Kate Chadwick hey there, unfortunately there's not right now. It was a tricky decision because a lot of people have requested more label color options, and the team had to delicately balance changing the styles to accommodate more colors. I don't envy being the product team at Trello and having to make decisions on changes for a tool that millions of people use every day, and trying to make it be exactly what everyone wants because it's pretty impossible 😭

Fair enough, but why was the default implantation to make everyone's existing labels the hardest to distinguish?

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It was easier to be productive with the original labels. Staying organised and on top of tasks has become a lot more difficult since the new colours have been introduced.

The solution is not pastel colours. Let's bring back a vibrant colour scheme.

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If the design team feels triggered, all I can suggest is that feedback is an important part of the process and that's what we irritated users are here to provide.  :)  Plenty of other companies offer some type of "new interface options on their way - try them now by hitting this toggle!" or "Here's your new interface - don't like it? Turn it off by clicking here."

I get that it's hard to please everyone, but no one's arguing that more colors = bad. We just would appreciate ALSO having our old colors as an option.

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The thing is that deleting differential features to match request that could be fulfilled with chrome extensions is pointless. This has legibility issues im sure you guys'll work on improvements such as adding your own hexa, but meanwhile is such a downgrade for the product. My team has been coloring covers in order to recover the legibility the product has decided to delete while we are migrating to other tools like Notion.

Brittany Joiner Community Leader Sep 14, 2022

@Cabe Trust yeah honestly depending on what you're doing, perhaps notion is a better fit! I love Trello and run my life and projects with it, and it works perfectly for me because I am looking for a tool that manages tasks and organizes workflows and has robust automation. I think Trello has never been a "style" tool like things like Notion, and that's always been fine with me since im not in need of that, but for folks who are looking for that sort of styled documentation and notes feel, i can see how Notion would be a better alternative.

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