Jira Power-up not showing Jira status on front of Trello card

I've added the Jira Power-up to a board, added a Jira issue to a card and can see the ticket details in the detailed view of the card.  But according to the description of the Jira Power-up it's also supposed to show the status on the front of the card and that is not working.  Is this a known bug?  And can I get an ETA on when it will be fixed? Thanks.

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Hi everyone - We had a similar issues with the color highlighting for the JIRA ticket status on the Trello card. In the Trello card with the JIRA ticket as an attachment, you have to click on the "Connect to JIRA" link in the Trello ticket if you're not the author.

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Once the connection is authorized, the JIRA arrows are highlighted various colors showing their status for all of your Trello tickets on the board. So far, this has been a one time authorization to make it work as intended.

As the author, I was able to see the highlights from the start, as I had authorized the JIRA integration.

Hope this answers a few of the questions above.

Good luck!

Hey Deb, could you chuck up a screenshot of your issue? usually when you link the issue via the trello card the JIRA icon will display, and change colors depending on the status stage it sits in. 

Hi Harrison,

The JIRA icon does display and color does change based on ticket status as you can see here in the detailed view of the card:

Trello Card - detailed.jpg

But according to the JIRA Power-Up description (highlighted above in my first message) the JIRA ticket status should also display on the front of the card - which is not happening: 

Trello Card - Front.jpg

Being able to see Jira ticket status (not all the ticket details...just the status) on the front of the card would be incredibly helpful to our users.  Any thoughts on how I can get this to work? 

I am also having this issue where the status doesn't show on the front of the card.  Was there a resolution to the issue?

I'm having the same issue. Please update once/if there is a resolution.

Same issue. 

same issue. Please resolve.

The color of the JIRA symbol appears to indicate the status (if you know the color coding). But the online documentation shows that you can have the JIRA issue type, issue key, summary, description, Status, and Full screen view button displayed on the front of the card. 

How do you do this? There are no references anywhere to this, and it's a key reason for using the Trello Jira integration. Having to flip the card over to view this information isn't useful.

Screenshot 2023-03-07 142719.png

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