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Is there any way to create custom label colors?

The default label colors are pretty terrible / limited. Is there any way to add more? Even in the business version?

6 answers

I know it's far from perfect, but I threw together a quick Chrome Extension that allows for unlimited colors. See the link below:

It works! Thanks @Brancy10 

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This extension does exactly what I need - have updated it slightly (and submitted a PR) to support non-expanded labels as well, but in absence of there being a 'proper' way to do it in Trello, this does the job.

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I'm unable to "unpack" the file.  When I click on "Load Unpacked", the zip file does not appear to click on.

@Christina Jordan Have you unzipped the file?

@Brancy10 thank you for responding.  I did try to unzip and then unpack, but that resulted in nothing happening.  The instructions appeared to direct me to "unpack" the "unzipped" file.  What am I doing wrong?  I'm a newbie to Trello, so maybe I'm missing something?

@Christina Jordan When you unzip the file you downloaded from GitHub, do you end up with a folder? If so, that’s what you should select in chrome://extensions (make sure the entire folder is selected, not just a file within the folder). And no worries!

It worked!  Thank you very much, @Brancy10   :-)

I seriously tried that last night and no go.  Maybe me and Chrome were tired LOL

Would you consider turning it into an userscript for tampermonkey (and other userscript managers)?
That way the script could be automatically updated, whenever there is a need for change.
No need to switch on the developer mode for extension install.
And it would work in all browsers, including Firefox, Edge, Opera, and Vivaldi, and, of course, still, work in Chrome and related browsers.

Could someone tell me how to install this into Trello?

@angelique airington If you scroll down on the GitHub page, there’s installation instructions :) You need to be using Chrome for it to work, however.

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It works! This is great! Thanks so much for creating this :)


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PERFECT, thanks

@Brancy10 this is so fantastic; thank you!!

Thank you so much for this!!

I'm here to announce that the extension has been updated to support the new labels update:!

While the official labels update is certainly a step in the right direction, I wanted to make sure that I updated the extension as there is still a clear want/need for unlimited colors. Enjoy :D

I think it's absurd that Trello isn't offering custom label colors at this point. In 2014 they posted a video talking about how more labels were better, but somehow they decided to cap that and in effect limit their users' ability to do what we need to do. 

Wow, I guess I'm not the only one that needs more colors... I was hoping there was at least a Power Up to add more colors for labels but I couldn't find one. I have more clients than there are colors available, and I really like to have my to-do list color-coded by client...

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I recommend you check my answer if you need a solution :)

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Thanks, @Brancy10 . I did see that but alas, I don't use Chrome browser.

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Agree with @Lospec here.


Example use case:

Setting up a "Publishing" Trello board where each channel has their own label. For example social media with Instagram and Facebook / web page, blog and press / events and on location activities – just to give a few examples of possible labels here.

Colors assigned for each channel would then be desired to create a visual colorized association with each – utilizing the brand colors via for example


Current set of pre-set colors are too limited when you want to go the extra mile and configure the Trello board 100% solid according to the example use case above.

Also, optionally adding/setting custom colors for labels is sort of expected in 2018 – especially from a forward leaning product as Trello.

I am really hoping and looking forward to a future development of this part of Trello label colors ahead. With this said – amazing work with Trello so far you guys and keep up the good work going forward as well!

Best regards, Tobias

PS. I love Trello. 

Love trello. Why is trello "unlimited" only the addition of 5 colors? Shameful.

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There's not a way to create custom label colors, however if you want a different view of the current colors on there, enable Color Blind Friendly mode and it'll appear differently.


HOw is this still not a feature in 2019? If I have 8 products, and each needs a color for each team as well as a color for Problem/Escalate and a color for Urgent... That's literally all the colors which are available? WHy is it that a color picker has not been integrated?

If you were to open this up to the community, I promise you'd have several workign versions within 3 months which you could easily integrate.

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Amen. I can see no color options for the free account, but there's no reason short of laziness or bad judgement to not have color options for paying accounts. 

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Trello has just added three shades for each of the 10 hues, for a total of 30 colors! While not entirely custom, it's a major step forwards for fanatic taggers.


Official(?) post:

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