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Is there a way to change order of colors

Sinnoh August 12, 2018

I use trello to organise what levels I need to create for a game.
Issue is the game orders color by green, blue, orange, red, purple, but trello moves blue after red.
Is there no way to change color order of appearence

Green, Blue, Orange, Red, Purple
Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 10.08.51 AM.png

Green, Orange, Red, Blue, Purple

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 10.10.47 AM.png

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Elijah_Martirosyan March 23, 2020

There should be a way to be able to change the order of colors and have the shortcuts change respectively. I'm surprised such a simple thing is not a feature.

Esteban López Betancourt May 14, 2020

i agree! somethings we use colours just to make a difference, but not in semaphore order.


I also would like to drag and drop my own order for the kanban, even more if you are using many labels multi-proposit and want to ordered properly by category and not by colours

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Ryan McArthur January 30, 2021

I would really love for this to be possible

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Brenda Benham May 8, 2021

I really need this as well.  Can't believe drag and drop for labels not already an option.

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Jeff Chadwick June 20, 2021

This would be most helpful. Allow users to determine their own sequence/order and hot key assignment.

Here is an example for me.  I would rather the labels appear in the 1, 2, 3, ... order. For this scenario, alphabetical based ordering on the label name would be sufficient.  Nonetheless, I'll adjust my color-number scheme to match the hot key scheme shared by Mathew N in this same thread.

However, in many situations colors have connotation associated with existing number & name schemes, such that user defined hot keys, label order (note: hot key & order could/might be the same), and color assignment will greatly improve usability and comprehension.


Screenshot Edit Labels.png

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Stéphane Fischer September 23, 2021

Same for me. I need to customise order of colors/labels so that MY order will apply on cards as :

Business line  > Application


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Wayne Hynd August 31, 2020

It seems to me the functionality of labels is to assign meanings. IMHO, having a keyboard shortcut is very much secondary to this primary functionality. Also, the order is important. I want the "#1" label to always be the first label on a card, etc.

Use case: PRIORITIES:  1) Red="Critical", 2) Orange="Important", 3) Blue="Perhaps"

                   ACTIVITIES:  4) Orange="Strategy", 5) Green="Tools", Purple="Learning"

Therefore, on my cards I ALWAYS want to see the priority first, then the activity.

I am using this Trello board as a dashboard of checklists for day/options/futures trading. Given the enormous complexity and the copious amounts of time-critical data to be parsed, reducing the amount of cognitive demand is key. Color and (ordinal) position are key elements in this endeavor, as the brain devotes a major portion of resources to the visual cortex.

Chris Comeaux November 30, 2020

I completely agree.  I'm shocked it is not possible to change the order of the colors.   I would expect this to at least be an available power up.

I use colors the same way as Wayne, for setting priority on my task list.

Brenda Benham May 8, 2021

I also agree.  Being able to adjust labels to make them work for users is much more important than having a keyboard shortcut that I will never use.  Please please fix this soon.

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Steve Suranie June 22, 2022

I do the same with my cards, priority then status...and I want the label icons on the card to appear in that order. 

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Mike Smith October 18, 2021

This absolutely should be doable.  Please fix this.

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Paul Elia October 11, 2021

I agree with others in this thread in that being able to specify the exact order of available labels is something I want to be able to do because there is a meaningful order and grouping to the labels that I use for any given board.

The 0-9 shortcuts as they are implemented today require memorization, and they change in behavior as the set of labels changes, so I do not find these shortcuts to be particularly useful personally.

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semioniy May 12, 2021

Same here, Green=#1 makes sense only if you're a leftist XD

In all seriousness, I totally agree that being able to reorder labels would make perfect sense. The shortcut keys can then be assigned to label position in order list. So if someone likes it how it is, nothing would change for them, but if I move red to the first spot in the list, it's assigned to key 1.

I also don't really get, why, when I press F for filter, there always are some labels hidden, and I have to expand list to see them all. I use grey labels to assign tasks to certain areas in my life, because you don't see grey label color on the card, but still can use filter functionality. But grey labels are hidden by default, which makes no sense to me - if I wouldn't want to see these labels in the list, well, I wouldn't create them. 

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Brenda Benham May 8, 2021

I was also wondering about reordering labels.  Like others, I am shocked this is not possible.  I realized I put lables in wrong order and would love to be able to drag and drop to change position like I can for lists and cards.  


I hope this will be passed on to developers and added as a fix in an updated version.

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Matthew N
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Rising Star
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August 13, 2018

Hi Sinnoh

No, there's not a way to change the order of labels. Mostly because the labels are all assigned a shortcut key

KeyLabel Color

Paul Clarke May 19, 2020

It is really unexpected to essentially have labels assigned to colors rather than colors assigned to labels.

I would like to associate red with 1 as in "#1 priority". Instead, "1" is always green.


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Brenda Benham May 8, 2021

This makes no sense.  We need to be able to reorder labels.  Please, please fix this soon.

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Ben Saunders October 11, 2022

So I know this isn't the desired implementation of fully custom sorting, but technically you can reorder labels by reassigning colors. This is particularly useful for me for keyboard shortcut assignments (if I have a new project I'm labeling tasks to more frequently, I want it to be closer to the "1-5" range), know it's not really meeting the issue OP raised but I figured I'd share in case anyone's looking for something in the meantime, has <= 10 labels for reordering, and doesn't mind too much on the color consistency:

Trello Reorderpng.png

Tedious but at least something to work with in the meantime!

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Austin Linford July 31, 2022

Still Waiting for this feature :)

1 vote
Tami Liss May 26, 2022

Really, nothing since 2018? Trello, you lack so many simple, common-sense features that prevent your product from being used as intended, that have been requested as far back as 4-5 years ago!

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sarahandmarkfrankle April 28, 2022

I agree, I would like to be able to re-order my labels. Also, I have several grey/colorless labels and I would really like to re-order those.

I'm using trello to plan my wedding. Red is for "Activities" and green is for "Vendor", etc. And I have a label for each person that is helping, but not in the trello. (We can't all be so software literate.) I know this is not the standard use case, but it would be really helpful if I could re-order the labels.

Screen Shot 2022-04-28 at 8.21.16 AM.png

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Ichiba Japan February 18, 2022

Hey there, I also need to do that.

I can't believe that this simple thing, raise to @Trello  attention back in 2018 still not doable today.


I will start to think that all those Ads from ClickUp, mocking the slow reaction time of Trello are just true...

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Ken Shvetz
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I'm New Here
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April 8, 2024

Unbelievable this doesn't exist.  Also unbelievable how (and why) Atlassian tools are so popular when they seem to lack such basis, beta-testing, usability 101 features.  What exactly is Atlassian doing to improve their products??

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David M_ Cotter September 4, 2023

please Atlassin, we all need this feature. why do you ignore us?

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Fay_EG June 19, 2023

Please make this possible! I'd like to be able to organise the labels in my own order of preference.

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simone.steffen June 15, 2023

Absolutely a needed feature, especially with what I believe so many people assigning labels to statuses, for instance - sometimes a red label is supposed to come first as it signals something critical, and yet it will always appear after green, yellow and orange.

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Dan Davis December 21, 2022

4+ years later is this really still not possible? I need to put things in descending order and have shades of color match. Does anyone know a way to get Trello to care or respond??

Stéphane Fischer January 2, 2023

I personnally trashed all my Jira and Trello and I use Notion  right now

Sorry for them but it is so more easy to use, I'm totally autonomous for adding / removing attributes, create my own project, documentation. Share it with who I want

In some way it can replace Confluence / Jira and Trello

I just hope Atlassian will not buy Notion

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