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Integration to create multiple cards

Carrie Maldovan
I'm New Here
I'm New Here
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February 14, 2024

Hi there. I'm struggling with the following use case: 

My furniture manufacturing company uses Trello to manage quotation requests (board #1) and production (board #2). We would like to implement a new form that sales reps use to log all the details about each item to be quoted in an order. The quote form needs to be able to capture multiple answers to the same questions because it would be for multiple different items. Additionally, we need to be able to upload images to the form to share with the quoting team. 

In Trello I want to be able to generate cards for each individual item with its details. Then, I want to be able to link all those items to a single project card on a separate board so I know that all will need to be completed before the project reaches its next stage. I need the form solution to provide the item details in a way that can be easily parsed out. The number of items will vary for each quote request.

I was planning to do this through Zapier but am struggling to 1. Find a form solution that fits these requirements, and 2. guidance on if it's possible to use Zapier to create multiple cards in a loop. 

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Dreamsuite Mike
Community Leader
Community Leader
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February 14, 2024

Hi @Carrie Maldovan This is quite an advanced topic and while Zapier is beautifully easy to use, this kind of thing would be better in for sure.  

If I were building this out for a client, I would combine Jotform > Make > Trello to make it possible.

I would actually start by building the logic in Trello.  Imagine Trello as your backend system, you want to be able to make these complex orders internally on that system and you could do that with just Trello automation


Then when all that is working, you can build the layer on top where you combine Jotform + Make

(btw, these are my preferences for capability and they are great products)

Be sure to check out the form power-ups for Trello:

Bluecat Forms 

Forms by Tiny Power-ups Club 

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Lucas Pessoa February 19, 2024

Hello @Carrie Maldovan ,

I'd love to learn more about your use case as I have created a solution specifically for service providers and believe it could be a great help for you guys as well. Would you mind sending me an email so we can chat?

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February 14, 2024

Hi @Carrie Maldovan 

It's Mary from Planyway for Trello: calendar, timeline, time tracking.


To achieve your desired workflow using Trello, a form tool that supports complex data collection, and Zapier for automation, you'll need a step-by-step approach. Here's a possible solution:

1. Choosing the Right Form Solution

  • JotForm: It offers configurable fields, including file uploads, and can repeat sections for multiple items. JotForm integrates well with Zapier, allowing you to automate the workflow into Trello.
  • Typeform: Known for its user-friendly interface, it supports multiple question types, including file uploads. However, for repeating sections, you might need to get creative by using logic jumps or multiple questions.

2. Setting Up Zapier Automation

After selecting a suitable form tool, you can use Zapier to automate the creation of Trello cards for each item and link them to a project card. Here’s a general guide:

Step 1: Form Submission Trigger

  • Zap Trigger: Start by setting up a Zap that triggers when a new form submission is received.

Step 2: Parse Form Data

  • Data Parsing: You may need to use a parser to split the form data into individual items, especially if the form submission includes multiple items in a single response. Zapier’s built-in Code by Zapier or Formatter might help, depending on the complexity.

Step 3: Create Trello Cards in a Loop

  • Creating Cards for Items: Using the parsed item details, set up an action to create a new Trello card for each item on Board #1 (Quotation Requests). Unfortunately, Zapier does not support looping actions natively in a straightforward way. Each item from the form would need to trigger a separate action sequence. You might explore using a webhook to a custom script if the form submission handling exceeds Zapier's built-in functionality.
  • Workaround for Loops: For multiple items, consider setting up multiple Zaps or a custom integration using Zapier's Webhooks to handle dynamic quantities of items.

Step 4: Link Items to a Project Card

  • Linking Cards: After creating item cards, create a "Project" card on Board #2 (Production) and use Trello's "Attachment" feature to link all individual item cards to this Project card. This may require custom handling, potentially through the Trello API directly or a custom script called via Zapier Webhook, to dynamically collect and attach links of newly created item cards to the Project card.

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