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I'm being Automatically Subscribed when I comment on a card

I manage a team of people and we have a significant process that has lots of hooks into trello based on activity etc (thank the code gods for Zapier!) 

But in the last few days (less than a week) I've been getting notifications each time my teammates take actions on a card, even when I'm not assigned to the card or mentioned in the comment. I dug deeper and found that I'm now being subscribed to a card when I comment on the card. 


Is there a setting for this somewhere? Something I can turn off?

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Jumping on the band wagon here. The auto subscribe function every time I comment is a major pain. I can see why some people would want it and why others wont. If you are gonna keep it, please create the ability to turn it on or off. I only want to be notified if someone is mentioning me, or I have deliberately turned on the subscribe feature.



Please eliminate this annoying feature again ! I work with many Trello boards and adressing various people with @.. works fine. 

Getting constant notifications which are NOT adressed to me because of this auto-subscribe setting is a waste of time. 

A system-wide setting to turn this on/off would be appreciated. 

Yes, I agree, super annoying. Please make this configurable at least.

+1 auto-watch for all cards is NOT COOL

This has been going on for almost a YEAR.  Trello Team, please get rid of this time-wasting, no-value-added feature!

@Matthew N is this a new thing in Trello? This is VERY annoying as I have Zapier doing a lot of comments for me and I have no desire to be subscribed to these cards. 

Also, there should be a setting to change the default from subscribed to not subscribed... this is terrible and terribly annoying!

It is new, and from what I understand, it is a feature still being tested.  Once you uncheck the box, it won't appear checked anymore and you won't automatically be subscribed, which should also stop from being auto subscribed when the zap does it's work.

But is that unchecked "per card" or "for all cards on the board" or "for all cards in Trello" unless of course you check the box again... but I'm confused as it seems I need to uncheck the box for each card, correct?

Hi Paul

When you comment on a card, there's a checkbox Subscribe me to updates on this card.  Once unchecked, you won't be subscribed, and that setting will remain default until you check the box or until your browser's cache is cleared.

Start writing a comment and it should appear. 


Do you know how to stop this from happening in the first place? I am having the same problem and it is driving me insane! It is annoying to have to unsubscribe every time I comment on something, and apparently none of the other people I know have this problem. Is there a setting somewhere?

Thanks in advance

@Emma Brown - Once you start writing a comment, you should see the "Subscribe me to updates on this card." checkbox. Uncheck that before you save the card, and you won't be subscribed.  Then, it will remain unchecked for future comments.

@Matthew N  it looks like every time I comment on a card I have to untick the subscribe (now changed to "watch") box. Extremely annoying a feature that should be removed and be opt in instead of opt out. 

@Matthew N

Hi all, follow Matthew's instructions. Uncheck the box and the setting defaults to NOT watching cards after commenting. 

Thanks for the help Matthew...this was driving me nuts, like everyone else on this thread.

Guys I'm clearning all cache and unchecking this but it happens everytime

Logged in to say that this is annoying. I bet adding it to the settings would make us happy.

Lol, when i commented on this, the topic was marked as "watching"

Like Philip DiMuro likes this

then i unwatched, did that reply, and i was watching again haha

We really need some global and bulk settings for this. It's infuriating having my screen and phone blow up for minutes at a time; then having to trawl through the notifications to see what's relevant. At the very least have it 'off' be default.

I have to totaly agree on how annoying this default setting is!!

Every new employee that’s is on boarding in Trello don’t know this “auto watch on comment” feature.

Imagine how after some weeks of commenting on hundreds of daily updated cards leading to totally ruin your daily work ending up drowning in hundreds of notifications a day as we have hundreds of card updated every day.

Worst of all this is that there is no way to search or filter all cards I am watching, so there is no simple way to un-watch all cards that I mistakenly have started watching.

At least this would be a fair quick update to just add an search/filter operator for finding all cards that I am watching.

Trello please solve this SOON!

Seriously this needs too stop asap. I have way too many boards and now every single card I create (which is easily 50-100 a day I'm auto subscribed on so EVERY team member when they move a car I receive an email. This happened to me previously and somehow I disabled it b/c it stopped. Then today it started again. Please help I can't use your product if you have this issue.

I have registered this account just to say that I feel really annoyed by this auto-watched function. Please stop it or at least make it a function that can be turned on or off in the board setting. Still love Trello, but please listen to your users as well. Much appreciated. 

Hey Minjie check my message I just posted (I emailed support and I think they fixed something manually on my account b/c all of a sudden today it stopped happening)

Just like Minjie Shi - Just created an account to let you know how fucked this "feature" is. Super annoying. Please make it a setting asap. Thanks.

Hey Brian check my message I just posted (I emailed support and I think they fixed something manually on my account b/c all of a sudden today it stopped happening)

Hey guys just FYI after 6 infuriating days with this issue I emailed into support with a video of the issue happening on my trello boards. They have yet to respond to my email but earlier today I noticed that this issue is no longer happening on my end. I'm not sure how many of you guys have reached out to support but I would 100% recommend doing so. I'm not 100% certain this is what saved me but all I know is its working today and I did nothing different then I did the last 6 days. Makes me think there's a internal bug and they manually switched something on my account.

UGH!  So they turned off the WATCH feature, finally, and then issued another update putting it back on!  Not only that, now there's the added step to change the "Set Reminder".   This is turning Trello into an absolute time waster.  Other alternatives out there, similar to Trello?  Getting fed up with Atlassian. 

It seems I've been reading a years old thread here, but what brought me here is that since a week or so I suffer from this bug as well. 


I didn't find a comment telling me how to turn this of for all current and future cards. Is there a way to do this? It's infuriating, and I don't know how to turn it off! I feel so dumb. It must be really simple?

So I 'found' it. after a week of habituating my self to automatically 'un-watch' any card I touched. Great UX.

Turning it off via a menu that only appears sometimes, on a specific card, doesn't seem intuitively be the right place for a global on/off setting. And why was it changed per default all of a sudden last week or so, without notice?


If trello becomes unpredictable to use by changing its default behavior without notice or clear on/off settings for the user, well it just started to not be cool anymore. Please don't do this again, Atlassian.



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