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How to search for all currently snoozed cards on a board

I am using "Card Snooze" Power Up to 'snooze' cards so that they temporarily disappear from the board and reappear at a later date.

It would be sometimes helpful though, to browse through all such snoozed cards. I am not sure how to create a search that would do just that.

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I also have this challenge.


It looks to me like snooze is defined as archived with a date in the future.  If that date was a due date, I could just filter by archived with a due date in the future.  However, since its not truly a due date, I can't do this.


If the snooze power up would just use a due date, then I could filter properly.


This is a major deal for me because I've been using Trello heavily since 2013 and have tens of thousands of archived cards.  So looking for a ZZ doesn't work.  On some boards with less activity its not as bad, but some boards are unusuable.  Where I run into trouble is a list of items that I need to do for some project, or are grouped for some reason.  I'll snooze one, and a few days later the rest are complete so I archive the list... many times I'll never see the snoozed card again.

Hey, I stopped using snooze and am now using "Butler" and I created two actions. One a button that takes the card and moves it to a list called Snoozed. And then a second that on the due date, takes its from Snoozed and moves it to my working list. 

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I'll give that a shot, thanks Danny!

@Danny Cohen Thank you, great idea !

Does anyone have any news about a snooze card search option?

I would be useful to have this feature soon ! ;-)

Any updates on this? 

Come on! This feature is one hour programming (considering that you already have separate button for repeat cards. Same separate button is expected for snoozed cards). If you was open source then I (or someone else) would already fix that!

I'm from 2020 btw. This issue was raised back in 2017...

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A "snooze" board is quite an interesting idea Marta.

What I did as a workaround, I spent an unused Label called it "snoozed" and gave it to all my snoozed cards. So I can filter with "#sn" to see all of them. (I'm using snooze since 3 weeks - so there were not so many cards to label). It is far from beeing efficient - just a workaround

That's a good idea though, thanks so much for sharing 😊

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Hi Tomasz,

Marta here, from Trello Support.

It's currently not possible to search for all your snoozed cards. However, you can manually check for them in your board's archives. If you click on the board menu>more>archived items, you'll get a list of all the archived cards on your board. Snoozed cards will have a "Zz" sign on them.

I hope that helps somehow! That being said, I'll pass your interest on this to my team for their consideration, please let me know if you'd like me to send additional information their way!



Hi Marta, unfortunately this does not work for me.

I have a tons of archived items for this board, and a lot of previously-snoozed items that I finally archived for good.

So browsing through 'archived items' list is no good, especially that 'Zz's don't make a good visual clue as to what is still relevant.

A little bit of context: The board is basically my TODO list for most 'current' tasks. I use 'snooze' option a lot for cards that I am blocked on due to sb's else actions like waiting for email response or for a particular date. Recently I also move some of my 'recurring' tasks to Trello. (such as beweekly ones) and each time I complete them, I snooze for the next period of 2 weeks. So the number of tasks that have been snoozed at some point really went up. I feel like I need to know which tasks are still snoozed so that I can check what's coming in the future and also for a quick sanity check if sth is not missed-out by some mistake.

Thanks for bringing this to the team. Hope that one day maybe some functionality like search filter is:snoozed will be available.



Thanks so much for the insights Tomasz, I'll share them with the team!

Something I've thought could be a solution, would be to have a "snooze" board instead of snoozing cards. You could send cards to a secondary board and add due dates to them, so you can toggle between boards and move cards around. Here are some instructions on moving cards and lists:



[deleted pending further testing]

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